In a mood this morning

cornI chose an alarm that is not invasive; its lovely chime begins soft and low, practically inaudible and only increases in intensity and annoyance the longer you wait. My breaking point had no yet come and I thought to myself ‘another great investment’ because it beats waking up the air siren of an alarm I had before. The manner in which I wake has a great impact on my day and I like to think of myself as a morning person but others might not.

I felt well rested and got up to turn off the alarm before it woke up my husband as there was no need for him to be up with me this early. I looked over at him as I put on some pants, his face pushed into his pillow and sleeping soundly. I always feel a great sense of accomplishment when he gets good sleep. I know why I enjoy watching people sleep as much as I do, most people seem so vulnerable and innocent when they are unconscious but to those of us that have witnessed nightmares the absence of dreams is nothing short of luck.

I put on a fresh pot of coffee and stepped outside the door to greet the morning sun. Birds flew from the feeder as I walked past the garden to let the chickens out of their coop.  I could hear them in there cackling away – like race horses at the gate – but there is no way I am getting up earlier than this to let them out till the unbearable humidity and heat of midsummer gets here. I watered the garden and cut another huge bowl of fresh broccoli from the patch and bid them all to “grow my pretties”

My friendly neighbour was out and we chatted about our heirloom gardens and the fears of Monsanto; I should not be so surprised that our elder farmers in North America are in fact conscious of what is going on in the world of Genetically Modified foods, like hunters, a responsible farmer is often at the front lines of the struggle with a keen sense of responsibility and conservation.  Behind him his cows are walking out of their shelter in reverence and I left him to mount his tractor with a wish of luck; today he cuts the hay field and has to defend himself from the swifts and black wing birds that dive bomb him.

On the other side of the road my 95 year old father in law is walking across a trail through the alfalfa field and swatting at the gnats that have hatched en mass due to all the recent rain.  If only we should live so long, happy and healthy I thought to myself, every morning and evening he takes his walk – the man is a force of nature – and we see each other and smile raising a ‘hail citizen’ hand in unison and he continues to march on.

Coming up the road is Mossad, a gentle creature of a man that lives down the way, on his shiny 50’s inspired Cruiser bicycle. Another force of nature, what some see as socially awkward I see nobility in a man that put aside everything to care for his aging and dying parents only to confront the world on his own later in life. “Good morning Pyx!” he says with a smile and a wave, still a bit shaky taking one hand off the handle bars, “Good morning Mossad” I smile back as he peddles on passed. He so loves that bike.

A mouse has eaten my strawberries. This will be war but right now I need coffee and I open the door to the house and the smell is nothing less than intoxicating. I always take my time to enjoy the first hot cup in peace, never in a rush and I decided this morning I’m going to fuck my husband.

Sex in the morning is rare, usually because we have fucked the night before and because we are never in bed or getting up at the same time. Also I learned a long time ago you never wake up a soldier that can snap your neck three different ways with his thighs, even if he is retired, by giving him head. Sex during my cycle is uncommon, I usually like to take the time off from intercourse giving my body time to do what it needs to do and my husband for some reason seems to think it is ‘greedy’ of him to ask for head while I am out of commission. It has never bothered me in the least in fact I enjoy the time to focus on him without requirement for him to do me back.

I poured myself another cup of coffee and washed my freshly cut broccoli and took notice that it was not yet 8am. I decided to let my husband sleep but return to bed so that I could be there when he does get up.  I washed myself clean from garden work and slipped back into bed and placed my bottle of lube beside the bed. The sun was brighter than it was when I got up and coming through my temporary red curtain – giving my room a warm womb feeling. I smiled laying there because I’m pretty sure I have seen a similar sight in a movie; a bordello in early morning.

I waited in silence; my nipples hard and a hot throbbing began between my legs but did nothing to arouse my sleeping partner. Finally he got up and left the room for his morning routine – and when he returned he sat down on the bed to put on his socks and got up to put on his pants. I even let him pick out a t-shirt and just as he wove his arms through the arm holes I said “don’t bother with your shirt just now”

He looked at me puzzled and said “I want to get my onions in the ground in case it rains today”

“yes but you can do that after I am done with you, they aren’t going anywhere” and I hooked a finger though the belt loop of his jeans.

“Ummm. Okay?” he was confused and he might have been blushing but it was hard to tell from the warm colourful glow of the temporary red curtain.

“Take off your pants” I said, all he could do was smile. “You can write a complaint letter to management later about this sexual harassment, but first I am going to fuck you” and I kissed him pulling him down on top of me.

“I thought I was management?” he laughed, knowing how silly that sounded.

“Shut up and suck on my nipples” and with that I forced his head onto my breast and placed his free hand on the other one.  I watched him suck and lick at them, his strong hand cupping the other and I could feel the heat of my first orgasm building.  He slid his finger nails lightly over my ribs and pushed his way down to my underpants but I stopped him and put his hand back where I wanted it “I haven’t decided where I want you to cum yet, just keeping doing that till I make up my mind”

He looked at me with all seriousness “ don’t you want me to fuck you?” and he twisted my nipple harder between his finger and his thumb. “of course I do, I always do, but I am on my cycle” and I leaned over the bed and poured some silicone lube into the palm of my hand and grabbed on to his cock as I continued “you see I can’t decide if I want your cock between my tits and have you cum on them” as I let my lube slick fingers touch him lightly “or if I want to keep doing this till you cum in my hand”

I could see in the orange tinged light that he closed his eyes, his cock grew stiffer in my hand and the breath from his mouth was only inches from my breasts – it was keeping them hard – so I tightened my grip just a little bit more and pulled my hand all the way down his shaft.

“but then… it has been a long while since you have fucked my ass” and with that I pulled my hand up his cock and let it slip from my grasp. I rolled over onto my side and watched him over my shoulder as he got on his knees. He peeled down my underpants to expose my bottom and I took my well lubricated hand and rubbed it over my cheeks and with that he was up against me – his left arm crooked my left leg giving better access but still keeping me on my side.

My husband and I do not always play nicely with each other so he does not hesitate to position himself with purpose and using some force to enter me – I like that mix discomfort, shock and the sensational rush of being filled. He held himself there for a moment as I caught my breath and my ass hole adjusted to him being there and I opened my eyes to give him the look that I was ready and he began to fuck me – I pushed back and he pushed deeper and it was the most delightful feeling having him there while wearing a tampon, the very movement of him was forcing it against that warm hot spot in my pussy.

He got up on his knees and grabbed my thigh tightly with his left hand and used his right hand around my neck and I watched his face from over my left shoulder and knew he was close. I encouraged him along by telling him how I could feel his cock was rock hard and braced myself for what was about to happen. He fucked me a little harder and faster pushing into me while pulling my body against his.

That wonderful feeling of a hot explosion and he seemed to cum forever, he kept fucking me through each spasm and finally I had my own orgasm. With his cock still in my ass he kissed me and said “harassing an old man before he has even had his morning coffee?!” and I laughed a little and said “it beats serving you breakfast in bed”

4 comments on “In a mood this morning

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    After reading this, I need a smoke…

  2. The Hook says:

    “Take off your pants” I said, all he could do was smile. “You can write a complaint letter to management later about this sexual harassment, but first I am going to fuck you” and I kissed him pulling him down on top of me.
    You rock, Pyx!

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