And a lot of the time it happens like this…


704635.4079.big.gifAfter a lovely day in the sun and working around the house I decided to not fight sleep and retired early. I must have fallen asleep quickly because I do not recall my usual routine of setting myself up for good dreams – this is like a night time version of a day dream, where I just float through generally good happy thoughts or a sexual fantasy. Mostly done in the hopes of a good sex dream but I have only ever had a few of those.

I sleep on my stomach and I thought I felt something on my bottom and I remember turning myself to re- settle myself but slowly I was brought into consciousness by a finger buried deep in my pussy. My eyes were still closed, I didn’t move to sit up or let my husband know I was waking up but I wasn’t playing dead either. I just took my time, letting my body realize what was going on and allowed him to molest me out of a deep sleep.

I let him go at it for some time, two fingers rubbing at me and a thumb pressed down on my clit. Then my underpants were pulled down and that was when I could no longer hold myself silent and still and I let out a sigh of pleasure. He took this as a sign to continue and for another long while he fucked me with his fingers. I love a good finger fuck.

Still in the dark and having not said a word to one another I felt his cock sliding between my ass cheeks and teasing me with it’s stiffness. He then pulled off my underpants completely as I stayed on my belly, his forearm was pressed on the back of my waist – making sure I was not going to turn myself over. He then opened my legs and dug right back in to fucking me with his fingers. He was kissing and licking at my back and my bottom, leaving light kisses on each cheek.

I pushed my bottom back and up in the air and again he put his forearm down on my back around my waist and entered me – his cock was hard, swollen thick and the angle of penetration made it feel huge. He let out a lovely groan of approval as he pulled himself out slowly and a grunt of purpose as he forced himself back in. For a while he toyed with me, teased me with variations of speed and depth – but all working to bring me to orgasm.

I finally did turn myself over and I rubbed at myself as he fucked me harder. He pinched at my nipples and pulled on my skin.

We never said a word to each other till after we were done.

“I didn’t mean to wake you up” he said, getting up from the bed.

“Yes you did” I whispered with a smile heard in the dark.

“You’re right. I did.” And with that he kissed me goodnight and went back to watching his show in the living room and I drifted off again into dreams – filled with a happy feeling of being wanted and desired by my husband. Pleased he still wants to take such liberties with me and turned on at the fact that he did.




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