Date Night: The drive in


smallblogSo after my stroll down memory Ford Fairlane lane; tonight PC and I are going to the drive in. Our first meeting was a night out at the drive in. He has been terribly busy at work and I hate to bother him for attention but decided to send off a quick email telling him this weekend they are playing Man of Steel and Star Trek. Fun geek film fest, two movies for the price of one.

I did not expect to hear back from him, obviously after a hard busy week who wouldn’t want to just stay close to home and relax, maybe a night out at the local pub with some mates – not to mention the chance to meet a nice woman – or he could have had plans. I am going to say I know him well enough to have sent such information because he really does need to unwind sometimes, perhaps my own personal belief that even though work is important so is balancing it with fun. I think like me he could find himself lock in the house away from other human contact without regret.

I got a message on Yahoo, he uses a blue font and my skin sort of tingles whenever I see it – but this time he asked simply: geek fest or cooked flesh. I had to laugh, I sent him an offline message that my husband has completed my deck and I strangely have a desire to watch him fry meat over my grill. I thought about him frying meat, as pleasing as that fantasy is, I thought it would be too easy – having him right here at the house. I instead thought of the couple of hours at the drive in and how I very much seem to regret always jumping on the guy as soon as he walks through the door; this way I would have to wait, prolonging my own excitement and expectations till we get back.

I do enjoy that, though I seem to give in quickly as far as he is concerned for me it all starts as soon as we agree he is coming to visit; I had resolved some time ago to use some restraint, self-discipline and draw out the pleasure of his visit as long as I can. My body had made up my mind for me but I messaged back that whichever he chose I would be happy with.

He has a technical side to him that makes me want to hurt him and fuck him at the same time ‘ that is not what I asked’ was the message back. My pussy was already humming and wet, of course I wanted the drive in!

When I retired to bed I was clearly well worked up, my body just reacts this way when my brains knows he is coming down, but the last time he was here was with my husband – the visit was social and I didn’t get to fuck him. I lay in bed thinking of his cock in those shorts and was tempted to ask him to wear them tonight. I would not resist touching him anyhow but how long could I hold off, after feeling denied touching the last time he was here? How much would you like to bet he is going to wear them, without me even asking? I say the chances are good, he is just as devious as I and I love that about him. That in itself get me hot and bothered.

Now it might not surprise you to learn that I have drive in clothing – yes I actually purchase clothing with a specific event in mind. My husband had a big old butter yellow Cadillac and to go with it I got myself a cute little sundress with easy access to my tits. My husband unfortunately had to sit through Magic Mike at the drive in and there wasn’t much a sexual vibe going on with him yelling: oh sure the male stripper with access to all the pussy he wants and cash but just wants to build furniture – what an emo fuck.

I would not risk fucking PC at the drive in, not only does the car make this impossible but it does actually bring out quite a crowd. I once admitted to him that I was tempted to have him follow me into the ladies room, it is scary beyond belief and only someone with fantasies such as mine could appreciate having sex in a room that looks like the bathroom of a serial killer – spiders and torn privacy stall sheets and all.

However I will risk teasing him mercilessly.  If I didn’t have such a strong desire towards him coming inside me, and it is horrible how I actually crave it, I would be very pleased to finish him off there. I love the idea of him having to appear as though nothing is going on as people walk by, though I tend to be the noisy one and would have a much harder time; the idea of him coming in my hand makes my head go fuzzy. Could I fight to urge to not take him in my mouth – hum. That’s a hard one.

Then as I drifted off to sleep I resolved to do what I do best and that is to let things unfold naturally. Should I lift my skirt half way through Star Trek and let him watch as I get myself off and he then just starts the car and drives off home, so be it but then some guys are strange about movies: he might actually want to see the whole movie. Whereas I tend to push buttons, often my own, to see how far I get and what reaction I can cause but tonight I am not going to make it easy on him or myself.

4 comments on “Date Night: The drive in

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    You mean you’ve never gotten boned at the drive-in? Jeez, that’s really the only reason to go to the drive-in! I’ve done it more than I care to remember and, sure, sometimes, it draws a crowd but that adds a little something to know you’ve got an audience while you’re steaming up the windows!

    • Pyx says:

      Oh I have, I have! sex at the drive in is great but PC has a job that requires some discretion and I would HATE to put him in a position where the sheriff Pudge (yeah my sheriff’s name is pudge) has to knock on the window of the car.

      I like the ‘they might be watching’ aspect of it too.

    • Pyx says:

      Oh not to mention too, I am a married woman – so i try not to fuck up in public as far as my locals are concerned. I think that could possibly bring shame to my father in law, my husband… not so much, he can deal but you know how small towns are, word does get around.

  2. The Hook says:

    The drive-in was designed for people to have sex in their cars under the guise of watching a movie… so enjoy yourself!

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