She was a supposed to be a surprise for my husband

tumblr_lxurgscYvL1r5n65jo1_500My best friend J was bringing his girlfriend down for us to meet. He had not told me too much about her, rather wishing us to make our own impressions of her, but their relationship was a D.S one: she was sexually submissive and he was sexually dominant. My husband is NOT into B.D.S.M he calls it a silly dress up game but it has not kept me from my own kink inclinations. My husband and this new girlfriend were completely unaware that J and I had every intention of making a show of it. We plotted, we chatted, we exchanged ideas – only J was going to be able to tell what her interests were and only I was able to agree for my husband D. The poor girl must have known she was being led to slaughter.

Not too hard to talk for someone else when you know them that well, my husband D is no stranger to my inviting other people over or finding himself in the middle of what likes to call ‘the Pyx 3 ring circus’. He has his own history of sexual exploits, some that even put my experiences to shame but I was rather confident I could best decide what was okay for my friends visit.

I made a lovely dinner; we sat and talk – getting to know a little bit about M the new girlfriend. J and I were the only two aware we were offering up M as toy for the evening but from what I could tell she certainly seemed good sport. J and M seemed to have a good connection, they appeared to really be into each other and I was happy for him: she certainly had a good kink track record, not that she was drop dead gorgeous but then she didn’t have to be in order to use her.

I had gotten up to make another drink and when I returned to the living room my husband, out of the blue, got up beside me and put me in some strange arm hold and at the same time lifted up my dress – exposing my underpants. My reaction was ‘what the hell?’ but I was not putting up much of a fight because it seemed my husband had gotten his own idea and got up to start first! He beat me to the punch and I knew it would turn out anyhow.

J walked over and pulled down my underpants, I playfully gave him a look accusing him of treason but I had to give up the idea that this night was going to turn out exactly as I had planned. J opened my legs, my husband’s arm still firmly holding both of mine, removed my sundress tie and exposed my tits in J’s face. J said something which I cannot remember but he pinched at both my breasts before slipping a finger between my legs – checking to see just how wet I was.

M is sitting on her knees on the carpet quietly watching, knowing full well she would have her turn but being ever obedient to J. D my husband then grabs M by the top of her hairy head, leading her in closer while still maintaining a hold on my arms behind my back. D pushed her head between my legs and she went straight to work licking and sucking. J then takes over holding my other arm, so both men are now holding on to either side of me and they both seem hell bent on taking turns forcing M’s face deeper into my pussy – D would alternate between forcing her head in harder and playing with my tits – but I was more than impressed with her talent for eating cunt. I wrapped one leg around M’s neck, the heel of my foot in the small of her back and I had my first orgasm all over her face.

The guys at some point laid me down on the carpet but kept poor M in her rightful place: eating my out as my husband kneeled behind me to support my head on his knees which meant I could watch too.  J took a seat behind M and when doing so promptly removed her panties and began to play with her. She never missed a beat, she kept licking and sucking and pushing her tongue inside me as she moaned through her own pleasure. I could feel my husband’s hard on behind my neck and told him I wanted it out of his pants. I held it in my hand for a while, strocking it blindly behind me but next to my ear – M was about to have her first orgasm, she was now mumbling something to her “Master” but her mouth was still full of pussy. It was pretty impressive, four people managed without planning anything to work in unison: J forced M’s face so hard into my pelvic bone as she came I thought the girl would lose a tooth but that in itself got me off once again.

I turned myself over and got on my knees, while guiding my husband to sit on the edge of the couch – of course I wanted him in my mouth, his cock was already wet and slick from pre-cum and I was sure the guys would enjoy more of a show. I turned to order M back under my pussy but encouraged her this time to use her fingers and she obliged: so there is in the living room is a strange fleshy train of four bodies attached to one another by contact. I was sucking off D, M was licking and finger fucking me, she was on her back and her pussy being spanked by J.

My husband, in his obvious manner, is not always the most patient – as you can see – and shortly thereafter got me up and led me to the machine/play bod4room with J and M in tow. There sat Boudica, a lovely beast of a sex machine made for two girls, though I have gotten four people on (and off) on the thing and M seemed completely ready for a ride. We both took our places, facing each other on the machine and the guys sat back to watch. D was accommodating to our guest and gave J the controls: he got us each off twice before D was once again standing before me with his cock in my mouth. M was stroking J with her hand but her face was moving all over my breasts. I slipped my husband’s cock from my mouth and with a hand guided it down towards my tits, easing the transition from my attention to theirs: M moved gracefully from my tit to his cock.

J and I watched her work on D for a while, J being a lot like me too the chance to be sadistic with his bitch and began to insert a plug into her bottom. The plug in itself is a nice sensation I am sure but while sitting on a vibrating machine the women seemed absolutely overrun with sexual bliss: her clit still pressed up against the machines vibrating nub. She sucked on D’s cock a bit more vigorously and I reminded her that I had not yet seen her fuck him so I would expect she not finish him off. J kept playing with the machine controls but with his free hand was spanking M and she once again began mumbling something, her mouth full of cock this time and she came without missing a stroke.

I had gotten up and finished undressing my husband and put him down on the bed – M was next, and I undressed her, purposely taking my time to examine her while J and D watched. I touched her breast but was unwilling to give her much more gratification by pinching them, I wanted to her to take the moment, the room, the audience in and then she could fully appreciate the evening.  She was by no means shy, she was doing great considering this was the first time she met us but what an impression it was to make!

I grabbed her by the nipples, pinching them hard enough for her to wince and led her to the bed where my husband lay waiting and there I made her wet his cock with her mouth. I told her to hold onto it, as I put myself over his cock and she knowingly guided his cock in to my pussy. I purposely pushed myself down as low as I could and slowly brought myself back up, keeping only the tip of his cock in – but high enough for her to reach and lick at his cock before I brought myself down again. I got myself off on my husband’s cock and left her to clean it as I commended J on his choice of partner. He made certain that we use her well and he was only going to watch, he would have his way with her later when they got home, so she had some pressure to perform. I got a condom and slipped it on my husband and insisted she climb on and she rode him for a long while and they both seemed very pleased with each other: she was doing what her man asked of her and he was doing exactly what I wanted to see.

J was sitting with an excellent view just watching his woman fuck another man, I leaning on J’s shoulder as we shared a smoke talked as though our toys had come to life – not so much talking to them as we were talking about them.

My husband sat up and removed M from his cock and pulled off his condom and told me he was ready to cum, I obliged and made my way back over to the bed. It did not take him too long to cum inside me but I made sure to ask my husband to step aside and ordered M in between my legs – she licked up all his cum and swallowed me clean and brought me to another orgasm – my husband upon seeing this went hard again.

I have always told M how impressed I was with our first meeting, I think she handled the situation rather well, not only did she make J proud but she was a good sport to let others use her in such a manner upon first meeting her. We had a good friendship, we all got along and what happened never made things awkward between us – we never spoke of it either but we all knew it could happen again. And it did. I was equally impressed with J, if not more so, he is NOT into sharing his women but he is also my best friend so M was as much as a gift to me and she was to D it still stands as a great honour because years later he would admit to me and M that it would not happen with anyone else and it never did.

3 comments on “She was a supposed to be a surprise for my husband

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    You know, I don’t think I’d object a whole lot to hanging out with you, Pyx…

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