Didn’t mean to leave it so long

The Pyx

The Pyx

I am not even sure where I left off on my blog. I made myself write this entry out before I logged in, before I even look at the blogs I follow and catch up with their entries; your lives are far more interesting than mine I assure you.

I certainly do not force entries for the sake of something to post and I took a week’s holiday and truly wanted it to be a holiday and that included time away from logging in to my blog; I did not even check my email. It was fantastic!

I have stories of the Friendly Col. who manages to restore my faith in human beings as creatures capable of more good than bad.  I spent time subjecting little tinny people to my macabre and cruel sense of humour – corrupting youth and handing them back to parents is a great joy in my social role as Aunt Pyx – and time with my friends which helps balance me out from time to time.

I am a patriotic Canadian that does miss celebrating with other Canadians and her homeland but I was fortunate to have the American Fourth of July celebration as well – a two’fer. So I have some funny comparisons of that holiday to share: you would think fireworks are the same all around the world, true they very well might be but the people setting them off aren’t.

My husband’s health issue is resolved and much better which has improved his overall sense of wellness which has meant more sex for me – relieved and still in love I am grateful to be here with him. Though I still think he should listen to me more.

I finally got my hands on PC, or rather finally got his hands all over me. He of course will get his own entry but I have to stop from getting all excited over again to write it down. The guy just fucking doesn’t stop being so… yummy… and I get to add a first to my list of things I’ve done thanks to him.

Oh and of course I am working some hours during daylight time which should disprove the myth that I would burst into flames when the sun is out. I am finding great joy in the creative process once again, liberty in doing what I want and best of all getting paid to do it!

So I am off to now to read what you have all been up too,




One comment on “Didn’t mean to leave it so long

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    Glad to see you’re back – you were missed!

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