Sexual Symphony: Allegro

celloIt all begins with a note or rather a word. You hear it and you are instantly captivated and sitting on the edge of your seat to see how it will all end.

I must have missed the offline message he left me so the topic of meeting came up rather matter of fact during our conversation on Wednesday. He jokingly accused me of not answering him, as if I would waste precious time playing hard to get, but I requested he ask me again and we both agreed to meet on Saturday.

From that moment on, when the date was set, my body reacted with a quickened pulse, a strange sense of weightlessness in my mind with a smile on my face. Of course I seem to be in possession of Pavlov’s pussy; I was instantly aroused. My pussy tingled and became slick mid conversation without so much as a conscious thought – I do not need to visualize or think about him in order for this reaction to occur – I just need to know he is coming to see me. I know what I am in for or rather my body does.

I went to bed telling myself to be cool and to take it as it comes along. It has been months, or certainly feels that way, since we have had sex. Life being what it is and my special arrangement with my husband had the last couple of dates canceled or a visit without sex. However I did not take life getting in the way personally and instead chose to reward myself for such good behaviour and patience by sliding my hand between my legs.

My panties were already soaked through, sticking to my body and heat radiated from between my legs as my fingers rubbed at myself through my cotton underpants. I carefully pulled aside the warm wet material and let the cool air touch me first. Slowly and playfully I let my fingers slide through and explore the evidence. I did not waste any time thinking on just how it is he does this to me but chose instead to bring myself to delightful orgasm simply because I could. I put the crotch of my wet underpants back in place and drifted off to sleep.

Thursday and Friday passed with relative ease, enjoying myself and what it was I was doing but in the back of mind I could not wait for Saturday to come. Perhaps unlike other girls I tend not to worry about what to wear or what we get up too or who will do what to whom, I focus on the fact that I am truly fortunate and remind myself to enjoy every moment as it comes along.

My body hummed, throbbed and shivered for two days at odd times when he came to mind. Memory recall and plans of things yet to come are so easy to get lost in where he is concerned. However I remained in a constant state of arousal and struggled at times with a feeling I should just give in and masturbate as opposed to my usual state of self-denial which would leave him on the receiving end of it all.

Saturday afternoon was when every minute seemed as heavy as an hour. I almost considered praying to any deity, god or alien available to me that my husband not get called off of work – which is realistically the only thing that would have me cancel plans. The hours managed to pass and I found myself once again sending my husband off as I always do, with great affection, gratitude and a good home cooked meal. As he drove off down the road and I watched the car disappear I said to myself ‘and this time make sure to shower after you fuck PC and before that man comes home’.

I took great delight and pleasure in my routine – music on, a hot shower, shaving and brushing my teeth. I actually was a bit giddy when I saw a message flashing and his distinctive blue font and with great maturity I took in the following words:

I was cutting the grass and got stung by a couple of bees, not a terribly bad reaction but

definitely achy and might not be up to the full vigor of the evenings plans.

I am still coming over but Korean for another time.

Being genuinely more concerned to the potential allergic reaction he might suffer I sincerely offered he stay in and perhaps recover but like a true gentleman he insisted. Then he took a Benadryl and all went silent.

Oh shit.

He was passed out.






9 comments on “Sexual Symphony: Allegro

    • Pyx says:

      this is only the first movement… we will get there

      • kdaddy23 says:

        As a musician, I know what it’s like to feel the symphony building within me, hashing out the complex details and letting them rush through me in only the way beautiful music can.

        Then I sit down at my Korg… and I can’t even think of the first note.


      • Pyx says:

        I like that you get it Kdaddy.
        Nothing like good music.

      • kdaddy23 says:

        Maybe he heard you have male chastity devices with teeth? LMAO

      • Pyx says:

        HA! if only that were the case, though I am certain he is fully aware of what kind of woman I am… I dont think i would see him again if I pulled them out on one of our dates. I have not even pulled out the ball gag with a dildo attached to it…

  1. PC says:

    You think?!?;)

  2. PC says:

    You think?!?;)

    You’d still see me. I doubt they would get more use than pointing and laughing though…unless I was not involved in the usage.

    • Pyx says:

      Hey I’m always happy when I get a laugh out of ya but heaven knows there are have been under the bed restraints for the past year that have not to this day been used either. Some people are not into toys, it is not a deal breaker for me – you are by far my fav toy!

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