Sexual symphony: Adagio


mmkjgI was unable to greet him as I would have liked too, being that I was outside at the time of his arrival it would be unseemly for me to rush over and kiss a man lustfully that is not my husband should the neighbours see. It was however somewhat obvious he was uncomfortable, having a reaction from the bee bites but he did not complain as we drove to town; we chose to stay in and watch a movie after grabbing a pizza.

My affection for PC is genuine so I was not put out in the least that sex would be unlikely.  In fact my concern far outweighed any feelings of disappointment, even after being denied his cock for two months because having once been in an emergency room with a severe anaphylaxis attack myself, I was feeling rather protective and alert. Not sexual. 

He was completely unaware that during his ‘nap’ before his arrival I had placed two epi pens nearby where I could access them quickly and was prepared to stab him, if needed, without hesitation.  The third epi treatment is an actual needle with two separate vials that would require a bit more grace and trust but even with a response time of approximately 10 minutes for emergency services the closets hospital is 40 minutes away. Don’t worry PC I could help save you or at least try.

It has always been in my nature to be that prepared. I will have to tell you sometime of the fishing trip I took with my grandfather, he in is 70 and me in my 20’s, together walking through the dense forests of Northern Quebec. My mind went through each possible worst case scenario, how to create a splint with just twigs and my shirt material and how a new plan for life saving measures including a beaver attack came to pass – and go!

During the film I tried my best to play it casual, I would look over at him checking his eyes for puffiness and to make sure he was conscious and of course when he would catch me I did my best to smile as if I were up to nothing, that somehow staring at him was perfectly natural.  I am pretty sure I came off similarly to the creepy blond kid with braces in Sixteen Candles when he was about to drive home the drunk prom queen; when there is no logical explanation to what the fuck you are doing just smile, move eye brows up in non-threatening facial gesture, nod your head and hope they don’t say a word.

He enjoyed the movie which was a great relief and I did take the opportunity to slip my hand under the blanket and touch Ulf. What? So the guy could be slowly suffocating to death but Ulf (yes I named his cock) was in house. It would have been rude of me to have not acknowledged him. I was not vigorous about it, more like touching a child’s head when you know they have a fever and Ulf was clearly not feeling 100% – he maintained a semi erection and I almost felt bad as if what I was doing was going to be construed as greedy or demanding. Almost bad, he had on these shorts with an easy access buckle that you can unclip with one hand – they were great- and his cock feels wonderful to touch even with underpants on.

So we sat through another film. He put his arm around me and I put my head down on his lap. I had lit some candles in the wood stove, even during the summer I enjoy the ambient light and staring into one of the flames I was trying to remember the last time I sat in on the couch like this with someone. I realized it has been well over a decade if not longer; there is no way I have not done this since I was 15. I was far too comfortable, not only could I easily fall asleep but this was, in a strange way, far more intimate than sex is. So I sat myself up and shifted myself away from PC but where I could still see him, he of course does that thing where he touches my leg and ankles and before long I just gave in and moved myself back up against him. I remember reminding him that I wasn’t just using him for his cock because it is the truth however I did not want him to feel any pressure to perform.

He then suggested something that I had no considered.

“How about you get that vibrator you hate to use but sometimes do when you think of me and I help you out” and of course he was kissing me so it is hard for me to say no – not that I wanted to say no but I was not fully comprehending his offer “I can’t put on my show for you tonight, I have a special outfit that is a part of the whole thing …” I started to explain my elaborate strip tease and my desire to have him sit and watch me masturbate. “That’s not what I said. I will just hold you and assist, not just watch but I want to hear you cum” he said in his usual matter of fact way.

My brain now went into deconstruction mode: not full on sex because you are in some discomfort, which I understand completely but you are still willing to satisfy me by giving me pleasure in another manner of which might or will provide some pleasure to yourself. And you want to hold me and kiss me while this takes place? Then my mind just went blank and white noise took over. This did not fully compute and nowhere in my mind could I pull up a situation similar to this that could aid me in just what the hell I was dealing with but I do know one thing he is a perfect gentleman.

“Okay” I said, getting up from the couch and waving him to follow me to my bed. Yes ladies and gents I am just that fucking suave.

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