Pyx Picture

Pyx Picture

My ex and I would go to bed together, after the lights were off we always, every time, had a little conversation – not about anything in particular – but I made sure to end the day with making him laugh. It was funny to hear such a burst of glee in the dark but it helped settle me.

So when my husband chooses to retire at the same time as me, out of some strange habit not yet removed, I try and talk with him and sometimes he is the talkative one. There is no use in trying to have a conversation when your mouth is full of cock so thankfully he waited till I was done to say anything serious.

He rubbed at my pussy and said “ so I want to ask you something “ he took a deep breath and pulled down my underpants the rest of the way. “Do you miss the days of riding sex machines and going to the adult book store?” and even in the dark I could tell this was not just a playful conversation.

“Well I wouldn’t say I miss them because for me those days aren’t over. My sex machine is right there and we both know exactly where the bookstore is – it is just not something that one does on a daily basis is it.” I answered him honestly as he took his place between my legs.

“I wasn’t sure. I miss seeing you perform. I miss seeing you handle another cock” and he began to fuck me before I could answer. “Oh half of me still expects to find someone walking out of the closet one night or you sitting in that chair just watching” I said, his technique hitting home and my excitement building.

“I just don’t want our sexlife to become stale”  his words were in direct contrast with the vigor in which he was fucking me – his cock was hard, steady and plunging in balls deep but I was not sure if the words were spoken in curiosity or a bit of something else. I wasn’t sure what to do first, moan or respond so I kind of did both at the same time “we have fucking amazing sex – as long as this cock is involved and fucks me the way you are now I could care less about the fucking theatrics” I dug my nails into his back and force my hips up in the air to meet his thrust half way.

“and what the fuck is a fucking sex life anyway? I mean life – you are either alive or you are dead and this doesn’t much feel like dead to me” I teasingly said while I reached down between my legs and played with my clit. I love to take my fingers and place them around my opening as he fucks me, I get to feel his cock move and how wet he makes me.

Stale? A lesser woman would begin to think her man just criticized her and start to wonder just what it was he meant and what was wrong with her. Me? I know my man and doubt my confidence would mislead me.

So instead I chose my words carefully – after all this man has just recovered or rather has been treated for whatever the fuck that was that went on and is experiencing a new found force… a stronger urethra and therefor a bit of a sexual renewal so I best not be nonchalant about this.

I put both my hands on his ass cheeks and forced him still but against me close and I held him there tightly – his cock filling me – and I ground myself up against him, in the tiniest of circles as I said “you know where the book store is and can take me, hell I could ask you to myself but the fact that a year has gone by without it doesn’t mean anything has gone stale. Ebbs and flows, this cock is the one that matters most to me and remains a constant, as long as whatever we do it is still fucking me, I am a happy woman” I spoke through some moaning and breathing but he was getting the point. I could feel his cock throbbing and that all too familiar heat building up inside me.

I let go of his ass and let him grab both my wrists and hold them tightly above my head as he kissed me passionately. When he was done I asked him “are they things you would like to do again?”

“yes” he said and with that began to pound me mercilessly.

Permission granted. He does not always come at me directly but I do give him credit for timing. What better way to test the waters.

He grabbed on to my ankles and brought both my legs up onto his left shoulder, his arms wrapped around my knees and I could tell he was happy – well beyond the whole yay I am having sex thing – and he brought on a strong orgasm with his own. I was all warm and tingly inside and of course just had to go and slip my fingers through his cum, in my pussy, and play with it till I came again.

I fell asleep thinking just what was a sex life and perhaps if it isn’t quite right to refer to it thus – sometimes it needs support, some work, therapy, other times it is run straight into the fire or blow shit up fun, other times it can be lonely, on life support and yes of course dead or in need of medical aid. My husband let out a little snore and the last thing I remember was feeling settled.

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