Sexual Symphony: Menuette

cuddle 3I insisted he make himself comfortable between the sheets and not on top of the quilt. I like him there, on my pillow, where I get to enjoy his subtle lingering scent after he is gone. I retrieved my Evolved vibrator then made sure to put in new batteries and took my place beside him on the bed; however I kept myself on top of the quilt.

His long arm pulled me in a bit closer as he kissed me and then his hand was on my breast – his finger softly pinching at my nipple –making out and he are all contributing factors to the sexual build up that was taking place between my legs. Every time he kissed me and his hand moved over my body, my pussy became more slick and the soft throb I was feeling shifted intensity. He knows exactly how to play me, as much as I can feel abject frustration at this loss or better yet lack of balance in power, who better to give it up to than PC. He purposely made me wait to feel his finger come into contact with my pussy and I gave in; taking pleasure from every nanosecond of it.

Some women are about eyes, ass or wallet on a guy, I am all about hands and fingers and my breath was cut short when I finally felt his fingers pull aside my lace underpants. He was kissing my neck just as his fingers pushed passed my pussy lips and dove right in – once you get your fingers wet there is no going back and everything felt delightfully slick. I am not embarrassed by my wetness in fact it is a testament to my partner, they, or rather he is the cause of it. His finger slid in, resting on that perfect spot and made my ears burn hot. It was not long at all that I had my first orgasm, tightly clenching on to his finger, moaning into his mouth as he kissed me and in my mind cursing his ability: the man could reduce me to a puddle of goo with just his hands. Wonderful, I thought to myself sarcastically.

He grabbed on to the vibrator and I had a strange urge to giggle because it felt completely different with him at the controls than when I have used it. He was steady and more delicate with it than I am. Though the toy did not compare to him finger fucking me it did manage to build me up to a second orgasm simply because he was using it on me, at which point I asked for his fingers again. Why be shy about it, it felt great and coupled with his mouth nibbling on my nipple I came. I smiled and he commented how much he loves that look but I was taking great sexual bliss from all his attention. Someday I promised to return the favour.

His free hand was holding my wrist above my head and there was still a blanket between us when surprisingly he said he wanted to fuck me or rather be inside me when I came the next time.  I was still very concerned about the whole bee sting and his aching body but confident he knows himself best. We tossed back the blanket and he got up to remove his shirt and watch – I like watching him get undressed. I will not deny myself the opportunity to have his cock in my mouth. Having not seen Ulf in weeks and there he was hard before me; I greeted his cock the best way I know how, with sincere lust. I kissed his cock and licked it’s shaft and slid him into my mouth with some urgency but still taking great pleasure in the fact that I could. PC inhaled quickly which was music to my ears and I had to consciously pull myself away, knowing full well I could stay there happy with my mouth filled. I sat myself down over his cock, slid myself forward an inch or two till the tip of his hard cock slipped between my pussy lips and came up against my clit – which always reminds me of the first time I got to do just that – and very lightly I rubbed myself against him.

Once again he was about to play me well and I knew it; hell I look forward to it. There is a moment, either short or extended, where he holds me down against the tip of his cock, hard and pressing up against my opening, but together we just linger there. Sometimes it is more clear than others just who makes the first move, sometimes I choose to impale myself on him or he chooses to push his way through but I was sort of lost in the moment and felt as though our body parts just agreed to meet half way. Nonetheless it is one of the best moments I get to feel regularly.

Every hard inch, minute detail of taught flesh that cock has, I swear to you now I can feel as the man settles in snug, buried inside me. He takes his sweet ass time doing it.  And then he holds me there, very still, at which point I just curl into a ball and push my face into his neck and whimper. Just writing this down and thinking of it makes my pussy react in a similar way. It is close to the sensation of being overwhelmed, so much so that when he enters me I am often actually experiencing something close to an orgasm; filled with a sense of relief but nervous and angry at the same time – that is just my brain arguing with itself and his cock just delights in the mediation.

Sex is sex but sometimes it’s something else and just under the surface this felt different. I am not a deep thinker when it comes to what feels good, I enjoy pleasing my partner and I love the way he makes me feel. I didn’t waste any time once he let me move on his cock to get myself off and it was wonderful to finally be able to be there after all that time had passed without him inside me. I tried to keep an eye out for signs of my causing him more pain but I couldn’t help myself – his cock just kept me cumming – and only when doing so did I realize how much I have missed it.

PC is vocal and I fucking love that about him but tonight every word fell on a body part; they whispered hot in my ear, licked at my nipples, ran down my spine like fingers nails and landed hard on my clit. He would not shut up and he was making the wetness factor worse! He mentioned jerking off the night before he came down to see me and jerking off that morning – and I came. We spoke of my desire to watch him fuck another woman, and then he looked at me right in the eye and said he was looking forward to fucking me afterwards. He then threw in a comment about watching me fuck another guy – and I came. He asked or demanded I cum for him – and I did every time.

My thighs would not stop shaking and I thought if I fucked him harder he would shut up but no his words just continued to lick at me and along with his cock they brought on my orgasms in waves, one sort of rolled into the other and it was difficult for me to distinguish where one started and one finished.

He wasn’t saying anything he had not said to me before, however this time his cock is rock hard and I happen to be jumping up and down on it, but he seemed strangely serious and intense.  Maybe it was his tone or the way he said it but there was clearly a direct line from ear to cunt and the obvious roundabout of his cock. I did not even bother trying to hide how fucking hot he made me: I moaned, I panted, I tried in vain to keep down the volume. I tried to keep my eyes closed or look away and at one point I grabbed onto the pillow with intention of actually covering/smothering him but of course tossed it aside and settled on looking directly at him.

He asked me to stop for a moment and of course in my usual manner I got up and assumed he was in need of a break but he just smiled at me in an odd way and said ‘I didn’t mean for you to stop completely but still with me inside you’ and it must have been obvious that I was out of my element because I had unconsciously started to pull my dress top back up when he pulled it back down. ‘Oh’ I said and delightfully took my place back on top of his cock. Where the hell is this guy from and how did he find me again?

He grabbed onto my hips and let land a wicked smack on my ass and like a fucking race horse I rode him faster – not even concerned that it might make him uncomfortable I asked him to do it again but harder and he obliged. A sweet sting on my backside and the sound filled the room was all it took and I was once again cumming over his cock. And then it happened – he pushed his cock up into me with force and told me I was a whore for his cock – I heard it but it took a few seconds for it to register in my brain.

There was a sinking feeling, similar to watching a cannon ball falling down into the deep blue sea water slowly sinking out of view, it moved from my throat (protest) down past my belly and landed heavy in my cunt (acceptance) where my pussy clenched at him instinctively. “For this cock, yes I am a whore” I admitted and that was followed by more vigorous fucking, much harder kissing and an intense orgasm. I was rather proud of myself for NOT protesting or slapping him and he did deliver it wonderfully but that just added to the whole strange event; another first for me and it being with him.

I was feeling rather fantastic, like sitting atop a sky scrapper I had climbed with my bare hands and could not get any higher when he caught me completely off guard. Yeah you would think calling me a whore would do it, so would I but in fact the less shocking words had more impact on me. I was looking down at him, his swollen ego head comfortably nestled into my pillow and thinking to myself how I do secretly enjoy that smug look on his face, his cock pressed up against my cervix – my hips moving only slightly as to not lose that feeling – when he reached up to grab my face with both his hands and said ‘kiss me’. I shit you not those words released a shiver through my entire body from hair follicle to the tip of my toes and I thought I was going to piss myself. I kissed him of course, I fucking love it when he kisses me, I think of that a lot but those words were when all those strange euphoric feelings came flooding back. I moved my face away from his and began speaking in tongue though my next orgasm – actually it was French but what the fuck I felt somewhat possessed.

I do not remember how or when he got on top of me, I was sort of floating and transfixed with watching my fingers leave little tracers in my vision. Maybe all that acid I did as a teenager was stuck in some fat cells and they just burnt up and that’s why I can’t seem to control whatever this is from happening.  I felt a bead of sweat roll down my temple and it brought me back to where I should be, looking up into his face as I slowly stopped struggling with my complex emotional system; of wanting to hit him or kiss him.

My fingertips were alive with a million sensors and I wanted to touch him everywhere. His cock was moving at a rather steady and deep rhythm, I could hear the sound of his body slamming into mine, I could smell our distinctive scent of sex but yet my fingers were slow and heavy. I must have looked like the one stung by bees. His skin was hot and his muscles tight, I even touched his ear then his hair… and then I felt this intense spark, back towards my back as his cock continued to rub vigorously past a tender hot spot somewhere in my pussy.

There was a lump in my throat and I felt as though I had been punched in the gut. One of the more passionate orgasms took over and rendered me into a fit, every muscled let out an ecstatic aching scream and then went rigid but he didn’t stop fucking me and all I could do to stop myself from bursting into tears of ecstasy was to bury my face into his chest and concentrate on balloons: blue ones, green ones, yellow ones floating in front of the sun.

And he just wouldn’t stop fucking me and it was amazing. I am sure my mascara was running and I wasn’t even sure if all this sweat was mine but I got to a point where kissing him felt like I might just crawl inside his head because in there has to be the answer to all this: this being his fucking ability to do what he does to me whatever the fuck this is and how do I get more of it?

We lay there together; of course I did get up once because I cannot be completely relaxed around such intimacy but I certainly did not feel obliged nor did I fake it when I took my place back beside him. I could hear the bird outside starting to wake up, my limbs throbbing as they began to cool down and I wished we did not need to move ourselves up from this bed. PC found it in him to kiss me some more softly and it was rather soothing – I could have fallen asleep doing just that. With my mind in a haze his lips kept me busy but his fingers found other resources to plunder. Swollen, wet and well used he managed to once again finger fuck me, slowly, to another orgasm but this time he was silent.

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