Rather unexpectedly PC asked if I was free this weekend. Usually four weeks or more, because of work and scheduling, go between visits. Of course I was giddy (and flattered) though there is a good logical explanation for his return but I think I am going to take my time with him tonight. A bit of the edge is off having him here twice in one month. Though there is still the same sexual anticipation I feel when I know he is coming over (I spent the week wet and denied myself any sexual release) I think because I was the center of attention with his last visit and this one being so soon after I am going to be more inclined to take advantage: usually I am too impatient to force the issue.

I want my picture – complete- with his cock.

Pyx Picture

Pyx Picture



4 comments on “Tonight

  1. G says:

    You are so delicious!

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