2 comments on “Reward

  1. G says:

    Haha, you did buy some! I envy the passion you feel for this man, wishing we could be poly so somehow it revives my attraction to my partner (does it work that way) I just want to feel true WANT no NEED for a man. Right now I just don’t want to be touched. The love is there…

    • Pyx says:

      Oh hells yes I did – I got lucky too, it was on sale! It was pretty hot watching him lick away at his cone so kind of a double treat for me, but the best part was that I made him laugh when I said it. He has a wonderful sincere smile that gets me smiling.

      Poly can add to what is there, though I would never recommend it be attempted to fix something that isnt. The agreement certainly brings about a level of respect and deep loyalty towards the man that tries – I hate to say allows me to have a poly lover but it is a great compliment to a husband’s quality, how they feel about us and the level of trust… so in that sense those things multiply and bring about new attractions and a deeper level of it.

      I have always found my husband to be very strong and sexy but having done this with me, I find him (and pc) both terribly brave and more beautiful for it. If that makes sense… I find that their ability to get on with each other another aspect (for which I am grateful) but that makes me feel secure and loved – so that is also turned outward in their regard.

      Ebbs and flows, something I truly believe in and you have the whole offspring factor to deal with – the trick I guess would be to not let the lack of anything in particular to become the norm… hard stuff isnt it? but I am pleased to hear that the love is still there.

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