A Declaration of War

Pyx Picture

Pyx Picture

Now that I have the use of my legs and fingers I can sit to write a blog. I am the one usually concerned with breaking PC but there has been a balance shift in my little universe: I am the one that was left in need of time to lick my wounds and heal.

He arrived early on Saturday and I made a point of wearing jeans; there was no need to make all of this easier for him was there? That would be like giving Darth Vader a map to the rebel base before he even asked. Within 15 minutes of walking through the door he was kissing me in the kitchen and I foolishly thought he would keep doing so – leaving me turned on and having to sit through a public meal …but oh no not PC. I tried to fain protest for the sake of a good meal “Kim Chee remember” but that only made me kiss him more and run my hands over his shorts; feeling his cock hard. Should he not have to sit through the meal with the same discomfort?

He has a lovely cruel streak that I admire (more so when he exposes it and uses it on me) and shortly thereafter he was peeling off my jeans, that were supposed to aid me in my fight against sexual terrorism, and pulled aside my underpants. I was a wet mess before his mouth landed on my pussy but more so after he was done bringing me to two orgasms. I like seeing his face between my legs and when he came up to kiss me, my taste still slick on lips; I made a mental note to reward him for such great service.

And then he started with the fingers. Those fucking fingers – I could cum all over them for hours – long, slender and strong. They just happen to reach in and push all the right buttons.  I really didn’t want him to stop and at the same time miss out on Korean Bbq so I began to negotiate with myself; the restaurant isn’t going anywhere and next time … but then he knelt between my legs let slip the dogs of war.

His beautiful cock was hard and pointing right at me, what was i to do? With my hand I made sure to reach down between his legs and help slide him inside me.  It has been some time since we fucked on the couch, both of us still more dressed than undressed and I mentioned that a quickie is not in our repertoire when it hit me: he is going to fuck me and I am going to sit through dinner with a cum filled pussy. Fucking insurgent!!!

Sure enough, his cock worked its way through the trenches with minimal resistance and I came several times before he removed himself, still gloriously hard but wet from my pussy. It was cruel, and I told him so –  he didn’t intend to come inside me at all but instead was teasing me – and of course he just smiled back at me. I did take the opportunity to once against taste myself on him by virtue of cock but I knew I was doomed to sit through dinner – wet, a slight taste of sex on my tongue, my pussy on the brink of another orgasm and that ‘just almost fucked but need more’ look on my face in public.

The restaurant was simple and everyone there was of course extremely friendly: we were seated with the BBQ in the center of the table which was fun! I was still feeling a bit ‘fuzzy’ from the sexual high before we arrived and I was more than pleased he ordered for us. Extra bonus I got to watch him cook meat over a fire – yeah I’m a simple woman sometimes: men and meat.  My panties were soaked and clinging to my pussy and my only relief was to shift in my seat, however this and my date would prove to make things worse.

We talked as we always do, I did let the conversation fall silent a couple of time but that was only because I was distracted by a hot throbbing between my legs and I didn’t see much sense in subjecting everyone in the place to my vulgarity: I would have felt bad ruining his appetite had I told him just what it was I was thinking. My mind could not turn itself off, I was thinking of the make out session before dinner but also the fucking I was in for afterwards.  My pussy was yelling at me, with its own memory and at one point I swear I could feel the same sensation of his cock inside me while seated in my chair. My legs instinctively closed against the feeling and I was certain my face turned a new shade of red. I pray to the Gods he did not notice.

Man. I wish I were more graceful than I am sometimes but I am not known for being a silent cummer – I think PC might need ear plugs – not only am I vocal but my body, with a good sincere orgasm, sort of leaves me without motor skills. I mean it was bad enough I was having a hard time holding onto the fucking chops sticks but there was no way I was going to embarrass myself by attempting to leave the table when my knees were not working properly.

The throbbing between my legs turned to a steady hum, which made me clench my thighs tighter and in true Pyx fashion, there in a public restaurant, this sensation gave way to an orgasm. You might be thinking of that scene in Sleepless in Seattle, where Meg Ryan shouts out these lovely orgasmic sounds in the restaurant – but I assure you that was not the case.

I pushed myself forward a little bit so that the crotch of my jeans pressed into my clit. I let go of my chop sticks, hung my head and began to laugh. I was giving myself shit for the complete lack of control in the situation but the fact it was happening was also a great turn on. There is nothing to do but to let it pass, why fight it and PC must have thought I lost my fucking mind.

Oh trust me, it got worse. Once I was done with my little orgasmic outburst I looked up at my date and there he was sitting there all… all like he does (grrr)… his long fingers were manipulating the BBQ tool frying meat over the fire, the same fingers that were fucking me: it wasn’t that long ago, I wonder if I could still taste me on them.  The feeling of his cock in my mouth sort of washed over me, I could smell him in my hair and my underpants were no longer able to hold in any moisture – the phantom cock in cunt feeling was back and I came again.

This time my foot was jumping under the table, the horrible high pitch notes of the female Korean singer (music) were like nails on my back, the volume seemed to get louder and it was making things worse! I started to laugh again, wishing I could just crawl under the table and hide. I put up my hand up to cover my face and my elbow onto the table waiting for it all to pass. PC asked what was so funny but the notion of explaining it to him right there made me laugh harder and drew out the orgasm more.  I actually wished it would stop but it wouldn’t – my pussy pulsed, I could feel more moisture escaping my body… I knew I was beet red but I took the beating.

That bastard- Oh sure he got up to use the men’s room, must be nice having fucking legs that work and shit but then I had the thought of following him there – going into the restroom with him, begging him to fuck me to another orgasm, even if it was just with his fingers… I wonder if he would if I promised to be very quiet… so when we left I had to reach out and grab onto his hand, I wasn’t entirely confident in my knees abilities to supply me with proper support.

On the drive back to mine we stopped at an ice cream place and I got him a cone: give a girl head before dinner, you get ice cream. He laughed, licking away at his reward and I just enjoyed watching him and made another mental note to put in a supply of ice cream at home. We watched some people mini putting and he made up funny commentary on their date status: oh oh they are going into the tunnel… wow that was fast, the date must not be going well.

Once home I did ask him to make himself comfortable and I got out my new camera – he makes me laugh so much, naked and hard he commented on the facial recognition capabilities of the camera. Men, you gotta love them. I was feeling great relief having him here, after such a public display of female insanity, his hard cock in my mouth was soothing. I like the way he goes silent and enjoys what he sees but this time he was watching through a small digital screen – we are most definitely trying that again because it has been some time since I have had a camera in my face but after dinner I will admit I didn’t take my time with the event. Oh I make sure to enjoy every inch of his cock when it’s in house but I think I would like a more time with the camera and leave him with something more entertaining to watch.

My underpants were trashed but I made sure to sit myself down in them on his cock so he could feel what he had done. I wished he had his handy dandy pocket knife and just cut them off but it takes no time to remove them and get back to my special place. All that tenderness that freaked me out previously was gone – I was at war with the memory – and I fucked him as though my sexual survival depended on it.

His cock took it’s sweet ass fucking time pushing its way in – again I was having an orgasm as it did – and having already fucked me a while before dinner it was as though we just picked up where he left me; wet and hungry. I was cumming in no time, his arm hooked behind my knee which allowed him to hit another tender spot with great vigor and that was the last time I remember feeling my fingers. I was almost at risk of laughing again when I felt that flood of hot cum fill me but he kept fucking me and that kept me serious and in the moment. That heavy feeling of his cum and still hard cock fucking me is on my top five best feelings list: before the satisfying feeling of cleaning my ears with a Qtip.

As great as the sex is, and it is great, the after stuff is pretty fucking awesome – I vaguely remember getting him something to drink (important to keep him hydrated) and a smoke. We talked and I enjoy nothing more than making him laugh as much as he does me but there are no rules of engagement in bed and felt as though I had every right to explore my enemies weaknesses. I was well satisfied and could have left him to rest – there on my pillow. Instead I got myself under the covers beside him and as we talked and kissed I let my fingers lightly touch his hip, run through his pubic hair and over his soft cock; his cock is just as impressive when not rock hard but a great compliment when it does rise to the occasion for a second time.

“How do you do that?” he asked, hard again in my hand but I do not recall answering him. I’m pretty certain all girls have the same gift and this being an attentive cock it certainly would behave thus with anyone else but I was not going to waste the opportunity to avenge myself. We fucked for what seems like an eternity, I hate sweating but there I was back in the desert – every touch was like sun burn and lingered, my lungs burned hot and my throat was dry but it didn’t stop me from cumming repeatedly.

And just when I thought I was winning the battle he grabbed a handful of hair, threw his cock up hard inside me and opened his fucking mouth ‘this is my favourite pussy’ and I was forced back to a defensive position but admittedly enjoying the struggle I asked him to do it again – his big strong hand on my shoulder pushing me down against his upward thrust – of course I came again. I was riding him with great intent and purpose, my feet felt as though they had fallen off the end of my legs, my ears were stinging red hot, everything was shaking, and twitching (which was pissing me off) but I kept fucking through the burn.

In an improvised effort at regaining lost territory I claimed proprietary rights to his cock  – I was sincere when I said it was my cock when here and when I watch him fuck another woman in the future – but it was a lame attempt compared to what followed; like throwing stones at an Israeli tank from the other side of the West Bank wall. Just sad…

PC is a sensually dominant male that manages to fuck with my own dominant nature just enough so that it bothers me – hence all the desire to smother him or punch him in the face when I am feeling such abject humility in his regard (grrr). I had been doing so well; not looking at him for long periods of time, not kissing him as much as I wanted too and fucking him in a manner of which you would think the guy offended me; angry sex hoping to keep him quiet. My greatest defense to date has been that PC is NOT into doling out pain, it is not his style.

The coup de gras took me completely by surprise.

His cock felt great where it was, hot and hard buried deep inside me, and everything was wonderfully wet where I sat and I was comfortable on top of him – not sure I wanted to ever stop fucking him like this and that’s when he put his hands on my hips and dug his thumbs in. For a second I forgot whom it was I was fucking and my eyes whipped open to make sure I had not lost my fucking mind but no, it was PC – what the fuck?!?! – oh fucking shit filled hell. He forced his thumbs into my hip joints a bit harder and the desire to strangle him came back long enough for me to feel the full effects of surrender.

I did my best to protest the whole orgasm; I fucked him harder and faster. I even promised him things I had never promised anyone else before (hard to explain but it involves a blindfold, three ring circus, a woman with tourette’s and a midget dressed as a clown) but disarming him didn’t work.  What was the use – that bit of pain mixed with pleasure coming from him – I was about to be defeated and I hated knowing it.

The orgasm was like a bullet in my back, the intensity ran up my spine and shot through my entire body with such great velocity that my eyes were only registering the colour white and all I could smell was hot sex mixed with the metallic taste in my mouth: enough sexual torture to produce sobbing soaking wet gasping pitiful shit.  (more grrr’ing) I was overpowered. That was the last time I felt my legs, hips and saw straight for 3 days.

I laid there a broken woman (this is me being all dramatical and making up words) my legs shaking as I watched the look of victory come over his face.

It’s almost disgusting isn’t it. I was spent; I could not have defended myself against a fly. He managed to be quick on the draw and snatch up the pillow before I could smother him with it. He deserves a medal. Well played PC, well played…

I left him there, sleeping, curled up with my pillow and retired to the living room to recover, or rather start the recovery process. The body heals faster than the mind and after my three days of post orgasmic bliss, stiff joints, well fucked pussy and re-hydration I am back to plotting my revenge; I do smile feeling a sting of pain as I poke at the small bruises he left on my hips where he pressed in his thumbs. We all have battle scars but I earned and love these ones.

16 comments on “A Declaration of War

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    PC is a man after my own heart so give him two medals and a big “attaboy” from me.

    • Pyx says:

      Oh that’s all well and fine for him but what do i get? no support for my PTSD: post traumatic sexual dysfunction?!

      Fine, i will give him two medals but they need some grand patriotic names… me? when I win, I am putting up a fucking memorial on my front lawn!

  2. G says:

    Oh my goodness! No, wow! I’m sitting here unable to type, haha. This is SO good! Your writing, this experience, so good!

  3. PC says:

    In raiding and plundering be like fire, in immovability like a mountain. Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt. – Sun Tzu

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