He made me do it


Salomé by Pierre Bonnaud

Salomé by Pierre Bonnaud



SML messaged me today, I haven’t really chatted with him in months. I guess he might be in need of a friend but instead of just coming out and saying that he spent the whole time whining. People get down in the dumps, I get that, and if I can I like to help but there is nothing more unattractive than someone who doesn’t even want to try and alter their situation.

It can be hard to meet people and to get to that relationship spot but sad guys are obvious, we ladies can sense it and at times I wish I were better equipped with ‘friendship’ qualities but because I had been intimate with him he always goes there. I have tried talking to him about ideas/ways he could change his luck – including his outlook.


He kept saying things like:

“I have given up even trying to meet someone”

“It doesn’t matter”

“Not worth the effort”

“There is no one out there for me”

“I will be alone because I am always alone”

Am I supposed to jump at the offer of a movie with the caveat I fondle his penis while he drives?! I could care less that the whole conversation was in the tone of ‘I need to get laid and you seem to be easy enough’ or a sure thing ‘because you used to fuck me’ but the depressed horny guy thing just doesn’t work for me. So I had no choice but to tell him so. Sigh – I hate being the mean one in all this.

SML: So I thought maybe we could go out for drinks, maybe catch a movie. And you can play with my cock while in the passenger seat.

Pyx: Truly an honourable offer however your mood or rather mind set gives me pause and I am not feeling that it would be the most enjoyable thing for me to be a part of or you for that matter.

SML: I was joking about the passenger seat. We can fool around before we go out and then after *wink*

Pyx: I am not what you need right now, I know sex seems like a great answer to lessening the feeling of being alone but you have to trust me when I say this, it would not end well for you with me.

SML: Oh I don’t mind if you take advantage of me. I would like it if you did. I can handle it if you get rough.

Pyx: That is not what I meant and I am trying my best to be diplomatic here but you are making this difficult.

SML: I never did get to fuck you in the ass like I wanted too, or to take video.

Pyx: Please you need to stop, not only are you making me uneasy but you are working yourself up into thinking it could happen by talking that way.

SML: Is it because you are still with that other guy. I am sure he wouldn’t mind if we went out if D doesn’t mind. It doesn’t have to be an all the time thing. I just really want to see you.

Pyx: Now do not turn this into something it is not. This is about me not wanting to go out with you. I wish I could be a better friend to you than I am on here but I don’t think you could handle that right now and I am not about to lead you on by even giving you the idea there is a chance.

SML: but I miss having sex with you and think about it all the time. Just this once. It has been ages since I’ve seen you and I really want too.

Pyx: If I fucked you right now it would be out of pity and I do not do pity fucks.

SML: nice. I have to get back to work. Have a nice weekend.

Pyx: yes you should and I hope you do as well.

2 comments on “He made me do it

  1. Matthew Vett says:

    Oof, sounds like an uncomfortable situation. Good luck with it.

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