Kicked out of the girls club


I hate bows

I hate bows

I hate shopping. There I said it, I do not understand people who have 300 pairs of shoes that are NOT in the movie industry or have a billion dollars to burn. I find extreme shopping a symptom of bigger issues. Why do we honestly need all that shit?!

I loathe bows on my underpants and bras; I am a grown woman with tits for fuck sake, why put bows on my undergarments that are reminiscent of my prepubescent days. I have pubic hair now! Do they honestly believe that putting a bow between my huge boobs is going to somehow make me feel feminine? Youthful? They are stupid and silly.

I completely understand the desire and confidence that comes from dressing up for ourselves and for play; trust me I have a closet full of corsets, second skin, latex and garter belts but I find there is a lack of class when it comes to the day to day ladies apparel.

Even if you ass is a size zero, what grown woman wants JUICY written on her ass in glitter; well one that wants guys to look at it, okay fair enough but when did our privates become billboards to companies and qualities that only sexualize us?

Holy crap when did underpants get so ridiculous: oh sure, I’m a princess, yeah that’s why I’m shopping for underwear at Target. Righhhhht. Women are walking around with crowns painted on over their cunts and all I want is a good set of underwear, with a cotton crotch and covered elastic band but noooooooooo. It is easier for me to get Winnie the fucking pooh than it is good quality cotton.

My husband and I were out shopping and the lady that came over to offer me assistance honestly had the audacity, with a serious face, to tell me the camouflage underpants with lace trim were ‘cute’

Look at me bitch, do I look cute to you? Do you think my ass in these will make me cute?! Where I come from people wear camo when they hunt and the last time I had my big white ass out in the woods I can assure you it was covered up as to not make an easier target of it.

Lace trim and camouflage? Seriously?! Pink camo…

Poor woman had to run to save herself while D held a hand over my mouth.

I fucking hate shopping!



5 comments on “Kicked out of the girls club

  1. Hahaha you are so funny. 🙂 I’m always wishing they put more bows and frilly, feminine stuff on grown women’s clothes and thinking everything looks too masculine these days. 😛 I love lacy and silky panties and “cute” stuff. Wouldn’t be caught dead in camo 😛 lol 😉

    • Pyx says:

      Lolg: I am saving up all my bows for you and sending them in the mail. I didnt mind the lace trim to be honest, but pink camo? wow…

      I do have some lace underpants but come to think of it they too have a little red bow on it!
      Do you think the men who design this stuff are telling us we need to keep things ‘wrapped’ so they have something to ‘unwrap’? I am having a really bad vision of an evening where I just give in and cover myself in those little xmas bows.

  2. G says:

    So funny! I like the photo too.

    • Pyx says:

      Yeah I get in these rant modes and my husband usually ends up with tears in his eyes with laughter and holding his sides… yeah that is a pic of me trying to come to terms with not only pink but pink fucking bows…

      • G says:

        I was never a fan of pink but I’ve come to realize that I don’t hate it with black.

        I learned this past week that it wasn’t until recently in our history that pink was thought of as a feminine color, to the contrary, it was considered very masculine. It got me thinking about what makes us ascribe gender to color, and why? Nurturing is all it is. My boys wear pink, no one takes them for a girl, not that I would mind too much if that happened. They sometimes rock the long hair.

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