Couples and sex machines

Pyx Picture 2013

Pyx Picture 2013

I was explaining that my husband made a new Adult Friend Finder (AFF) profile and Kdaddy mentioned Craigslist in his response and I am not sure why I didn’t think of using CL myself: so I made a point of keeping an eye out on CL while my husband used AFF.

I chose to not place an ad right away, first I thought I would look through what was there – sure enough there were quite a few couples that had posted on CL. So I went through the list of ads and removed anyone that does not fit our criteria: ad from last month or later, too young, too old for me, looking for bisexual male to male contract (my husband is straight) and of course anyone who is just too far away or seems like an utter douchebag.

I wrote to two couples. I introduced myself as the wife, some information, pictures (full body but clothed), about our experience and tend to keep the first email very casual and light – nothing graphic – and promise nothing. I heard back from both within two days.

Couple number 1 was clearly written by the husband who went on about how good looking I was and how orally gifted he is and how he can cum multiple times – but was sincere enough to say that his older wife by five years (she would be about 20 years my senior) has an issue with my age. No big deal, I said thank you and wished them luck not expecting to hear back from them. Oh he did write me back for more pics but I just ignored that.

Couple number 2 shows better promise: K and T: KAT are mid to late 50’s. She wrote me back and in complete sentences but kept it short. I think she is using a texting device vs a computer so there wasn’t much flow to her first two emails. They are a very presentable couple, both handsome and have a little experience with other couples. So once all the pictures were exchanged it came time to set up a potential time to meet and again as a couple we are open to options.

Now D would tell you that Pyx is known to shout ‘game on’ at anytime, including the first meet but

Boudicca 2 Person Sex Machine a D invention.

Boudicca 2 Person Sex Machine a D invention.

again I didn’t promise anyone anything and provided them with very social options to meet or something more private and I sent the following:

“we certainly do not mind entertaining here. I could always make my husband pull out the sex machines if you are feeling adventurous!”

Holy shit that hit a button with her, up until her response we were both very polite with one another and this is a good sign – a woman that has sexual confidence and is not afraid to say what it is she wants:

“Sex machines now your talking thinking about sex machine got me all fired up down there”

So here I am Saturday afternoon about to write them back – she offered some more xrated photos, of which I have no issue sending some of my own provided it is not through the CL servers, their new mail system keeps all email addresses hidden and I have gotten burned by using it for too long before and my old email/chat profile suspended/hacked so I will once again insist she use my proper email addy.  My husband is talking about making a new machine piece – though Boudicca does not require it she is a lovely complete machine as is – but he is excited and I know how he gets about his machines.

AFF? Well as usual we got a tone of emails as soon as the profile went up, they seem to running some sort of site promotion that encourages people to send other members a greeting and in exchange gives them a paid membership for a while. My poor husband was actually taking the time to respond to them all, but has come to believe me and realize these profiles are just sending out a greeting for the membership and NOT because they actually want to meet us. I think he was in communication with one ‘group’ for a few emails but they proved to only be interested in pictures of his wife.

As of now CL: one

AFF: Zero.

6 comments on “Couples and sex machines

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    Hmm, sounds like I had a good idea, huh? I’ve been seeing other women blogging about hitting CL to hook up and a lot of them have been successful and have had big fun; PV is having some issues finding the BBC she wants but CL has provided success for her before and probably will again. So it just made sense to mention CL to you and more so since I know how totally fucked up AFF is; an AFF contact propositioned us by saying that I could send my baby to them so they could have their way with her – but I had to stay at home because I’m bi.

    AFF sucks donkey dicks…

    • Pyx says:

      Yes you did, thank you again for mentioning it. Not sure why it didn’t occur to me to use for couples when I have used it for single male hookups but now it is about setting the time/date and execution: should we take bets on if they show up or not?

      The audacity of some people! Damon got that a lot, couples chatting to us and then right before we set up a time to meet it is ‘well my wife is not wanting to fuck anyone else right now’ implying of course that I am still free game to him/her. And what my man is supposed to just sit and watch?! Couples that would ask me if I would join them but still would not consider doing me the same (the wife joining us) was far too common for my liking. I love the priority of their relationships but a complete lack of any respect for ours. Asshats.

      They have some serious fucking balls to even suggest such things but then again who doesn’t have a lead set of them on the internet.

      • kdaddy23 says:

        I hope they do show up and get a chance to check out your hubby’s excellent devices! On AFF, we’d rather be ignored (and we usually are) than to have to be subjected to the dumb shit. I have quite a few AFF horror stories and have heard many more, which is why our profile still exists there but I haven’t looked at it in years.

        I feel a blog coming on about this…

  2. PC says:

    There were ads you weren’t reading on CL? You didn’t think about CL?!? That’s almost as bad as not remembering an AFF success story. *WEG*

    • Pyx says:

      You flibbertigibbet.

    • Pyx says:

      okay now that I got to use that word…. seriously I would have gotten there but Kdaddy brought it up first. You know how I am, I read what ever is most offensively titled and most couples ads seem to be searching for a girl nor am I in any rush to preform so it didn’t register right away.

      I am becoming amurkin’ized… I am rewriting my own history!!! *wink

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