That is really super Supergirl!

Pyx Picture 2013

Pyx Picture 2013

–        Answer all emails before blogging. Done!
–        Find the box of batteries for vibrator. Done!
–   Take a photo for your husband’s birthday. Done!
–        Make him roofie pie for birthday desert. Done!
–        Birthday sex. Done,done and done!
–        Garden, chickens and pantry in order. Done!
–        Deliver eggs and treat for Private Buddy. Done!
–        Can and freeze all the stuff from the garden. Done!
–        Use the new batteries and vibrator. Done!
–        Find home safety equipment currently in national shortage. Done!
–        Learn to use said safety equipment. Done!
–        All laundry washed and hung outside to dry. Done!
–        Ensure the ‘reward’ is in stock when you win the bet with PC. Done!
–        Ensure the ‘punishment’ is in place in case you lose the bet with PC. Done!


The couple we were in contact with from Craigslist turned out to be a single male, once he wrote me back via his actual email address and not through the CL servers, he was straight to the point of asking for more of my ‘mature’ photos. His exact words being ‘I want to see more pictures now ty’ so that turned out to be a bust.

I did however make contact with a single female from AFF – a kinky submissive one at that – we will see how far that goes. She has written me a couple of times, though I remain hopeful, I am not exactly holding my breath either.

My husband had a birthday and though I purchased his gifts earlier I still managed to make his day a bit brighter. He is pretty easy to keep happy; some roofie pie and a picture in the shirt and tights he got me (the shirt has a little red cape!). I might have to make this my Adult Bookstore outfit. Oh speaking of – we were sent an invitation from another couple on AFF that own and operate an adult theatre. They are hosting some sort of couple’s event and my husband is thinking of going. Could be an interesting little adventure.

I had a wonderful experience last weekend, which deserves its own entry but will say I once again found myself turned on for several days after the fact and yes of course it had to do with that blasted PC guy. We did manage to make a wager with each other this week: can Pyx remain silent during sex? The only sound permitted is breathing – so accommodating of him! If I win he has to go shopping at the adult store with me and if he wins he gets to use the underbed restraints system on me. I’m not a 100% sure I could stay silent because I know he will do everything he can to ensure I do not but I do like the challenge; fun.

I spent a few hours talking to my ex on the phone last weekend. What I found most enjoyable is that I am no longer enemy number one with our ex friends. Well they became my ex friends and stayed his. I always found it terribly immature for adults to prescribe to the idea that they must take sides when other people break up – and the Good Doctor and I had a very amicable break up – but I was the ‘whore’ who slept with other men, though they said nothing that he slept with other women. So I did get more than a few ‘we are in the Good Doctor’s camp’ to which my reply was; I have no room for kids in my teepee anyhow. So the Good Doctor is now dating H: she was a part of the ‘group’ along with her husband D. D and E broke up when we were still together. Seem that the Good Doctor has been ‘unfriended’ on Facebook by the lot of them! I got a good laugh and loved that he is now just as ‘bad’ as I once was.

Feeling pretty Super.




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