Adult theatre audience


Medical Theatre Pyx Picture 2011

Medical Theatre Pyx Picture 2011

My husband has accepted the invitation to the Adult Theatre party for couples this coming Saturday. For three days he tried putting the decision on me so I wrote the couple asking what exactly this party entails. Not that I am against some hand shaking and eating pickles but if there is to be some action I figured it might get my husband to make up his mind. She actually wrote us a lovely detailed email about her facility and was honest enough to say that it is difficult for the ice to break but once it does things can get pretty interesting – however there are no guarantees.

A theatre, a dungeon, private rooms, peep shows booths, common area – it is better than a mall!

“So are you ready to be the center of attention again? It has been a while. I love watching you work a room” Yes it has been a while but I have always done well in groups. I am fortunate that I am confident enough to feel at home in a dirty glory hole booth putting on a peep show for strange eye balls and equally do well at private golf resorts in Virginia. I am the worst kind of person because depending on where I am – I fit in and try to leave a good impression but there are some obvious things about me as well.

Husbands love me!  I have some dirty jokes, up on my international politics, can swear like a sailor – though I never spit – and can hold my alcohol. I have been around enough soldiers and NGO personnel that I can easily manipulate them into getting along by being the monkey in the middle: unless you know what I mean you won’t get what I just said.

Wives don’t love me but I don’t think they hate me either. I have never been slapped by one so … though I have less in common with the average house wife in America because I have a diverse background and am terribly opinionated; I do my best and think that counts for something. I am not looking to join the local knitting club, so context dictates everything: there are going to be other Adult Theatre wives there.

Then there is my husband. Because I am the social butterfly he can come off as a bit socially awkward. He and I also feed off an audience and he has a bad tendency to yell ‘game on’ before I do. I don’t ever feel any pressure to preform, I am not doing this against my will, and however I am in no rush to be entertained either; but I know he is. I am hoping he gets to be in on some action and I get to watch.

What I enjoy the most is that my husband is very aware of what is going on and when we get home he gives me this wonderful play back of things I missed. I do have a tendency to be oblivious to things that other women might find obvious: I am a huge flirt, makes me feel good to make a man laugh/blush and the back and forth but I often miss serious hints of attraction or flattery. My ego is not tied into how I look or being sexy but rather that I can mind fuck/wrestle with someone like Alan Greenspan over a bagel and lox and not get lost. I find guys that read terribly sexy. Brainssss….

One of the best things about having other people watch me ‘do my thing’ is that my husband is one of them. Then he talks about what a turn on it is for him and what he enjoyed the most. Even if he isn’t involved he is by being so attentive. I like knowing he notices everything.

Anyhow I spent some of this evening getting myself in to the Adult Theatre zone: that means I had to surf through some seriously shitty porn, peek at a few blogs and read some entries. I always have the best intentions of taking my place in the corner and watching people to get a feel for things, staying there however becomes difficult because I thrive in being the facilitator. It is after all what I did best when hosting BDSM events and charity functions: my slave auctions were amazing and there is nothing like handing the [redacted] Foundation a check four $ xx xxx. xx knowing it came from ‘selling’ off other people for the night.

I am going to spend the week being positive and hopeful and try to forget that I am in a state that is an Evangelical bible thumping mecca. Moving here ruined a huge chunk of my sex life and PC has been the saving grace with that but as far as group stuff – it is worse than pulling teeth to get people to show up and relax. So one would assume that if we all go down to the lobby to get ourselves a snack people should be snacking!

One comment on “Adult theatre audience

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    I hope you’ll let us know how the event went! You don’t sound very thrilled about attending (just my opinion)…

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