Debate sex fantasy: The Holy Grail




In order for the grail to come to fruition it must first be acknowledged that two like minded people, strong in opinion and views, can respect each other as equals, not from a dominant and submissive position. Both parties should have their views and opinions whilst being open to hearing the other openly without personal attack, it is about the facts and the art of discourse.

I think it would be fair to start the conversation over dinner, with a bottle of wine, as the conversation moves into arguing your point while challenging your partner, so does the physical intimacy. The more heated the conversation the closer the bodies should be to one another.

Like a dance, while working to achieve the grail we have to accept that both parties would in fact be working with not only knowledge but also their sexual qualities in order to move their agenda. It is not just simply engaging in conversation while performing the act of intercourse. The passion comes from two sources; the way both people feel for one another and the enjoyment of debate; passion  takes on physical form.

The conversation should move like hands over the body, back and forth with small pauses so to enjoy what is said. For example if I wanted to give you the number of children that die each day from not having clean water at the beginning of our conversation, I could undo two buttons on my blouse,  and say ‘in 2002 the UN estimated 6000 children die every day from a lack of clean water’ as I kiss you softly on the eye.

The intercourse of conversation can be so intense that one could easily loose sight of the grail, so it should be the facts and sources quoted that bring everything to a boil; if you simply tell me that is it is cheaper to have jobs in India because they work for less it would leave me feeling unchallenged and  possibly going elsewhere to seek the grail. If you were to tell me the reason behind it, include company practices or international policy and the numbers, the money involved I would be left with only one option, remove a piece of private clothing and put it into your mouth to try and shut you up and prepare my rebuttal and why I feel it does not benefit the people of India.

When I introduce the World Bank and their roles in global outsourcing for private and personal gain I would have to take on a stronger physical position to show my partner what I meant, lets say by pinning my partner down with my legs over his arms so he could not move while I spoke and touched myself the whole time inches away from his nose, in order to make him lose his train of thought. Not just to gain control but to show my passion for my point of view.

When the actual act of intercourse takes place the conversation should follow the movement of the body, not in anger, but each thrust should represent a fact. Kind of a ‘take that’ way of driving your point home, doing it along side saying it. Of course keeping the conversation going is in it self a challenge and could easily be thrown out for a moment of pleasure. But in my opinion once the conversation stops so would attaining the grail. Each new fact takes on a more personal form of touching.
The grail is achieved when in the after glow of great company; no one has necessarily changed their point of view but each person should leave the debate feeling they were challenged in many ways, having learned something new, having just had sex while debating a topic and should inspire wanting to try it again.

It is hard to achieve, I think because the brain is so full of facts  that while being turned on by the one you are with, it would be easier to just talk first, have sex, then talk about it again later. Do I think it could happen? I sure hope so, I personally find conversation to be just as erotic as the act of sex. Do I think it could be achieved at first attempt, it has to be, you sometimes only get one debate with a worthy partner so you must be prepared to defend your views and quick to respond because if the conversation fails so does the grail.


*From my old blog previously posted in 2004

2 comments on “Debate sex fantasy: The Holy Grail

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    This is interesting… but I’m not yet sure why it is.

    • Pyx says:

      I can be a talker during sex, but I bet if it had to be facts and trying to win an actual debate (i was on the debate club in high school) I think rendering my opponent unable to speak would give me a great high. Gotta love it when you fuck your partner stupid.

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