Passion from the past

Pyx Picture 2004

Pyx Picture 2004

DV: I will not submit

Pyx: I won’t either and I don’t want you to. This is not about submission.

DV: so what do you want from me then?

Pyx: to see if you can keep up.

DV: Oh I can keep up.

Pyx: how hard do you think you can fuck me while I hold you down by your throat?

DV: with the same vigor you could fuck me with a garrotte around yours

Pyx: deal.

Poor DV never did make it past the first night together but that story is for another time.

*Previously posted in my old blog 2004

3 comments on “Passion from the past

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    You are so scaring me right now, Pyx! Were we ever to meet, I am so glad I can protect myself! But, shit yeah, I’d at least try to make it to the second night… but I suppose DV’s not making it is what happens when you talk shit and can’t back it up, huh?

    • Pyx says:

      My fondness for mixing violence and sex is really about the person involved, not just anyone, so I think you would be safe.

      DV tried, I think he just freaked himself out a bit – but I was looking through some old blogs and found this, it did make me smile.

  2. The Hook says:

    Great blast from the past!

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