before the adult theatre…



dony+darko So this evening my husband and I venture out to the Adult Theatre, nothing new we have done it before and we are both looking forward to it. However the new factor in all this: PC. I haven’t done the Bookstore/Adult Theatre thing while in a poly relationship. I have not fucked anyone other than my husband and PC in the past year and a half… the idea of strange still holds appeal to me. I have a fondness for anonymous safe sex.

Now as soon as my husband and I made the plans, I was excited at the potential of the event I love doing these things with him, I like people watching. Strangely my impulse was also to ask PC to come over Friday night and fuck me, something having to do with him being inside me first (before anyone else who might be at the theatre) which I will have to explore more at another time.

What was really cool is before I even got to ask if he would come over and fuck me he mentioned it. So the hotness factor, which was pretty hot, just went up a notch. I was on the edge of an orgasm all week – might seem usual by now because I get all hot and bothered when I know he is coming over- but add the PC sex and affect before an adventure out to an adult theatre where there might be more sex. Hot factor just went up another notch!

Now all of that is great, I will of course in disgusting detail write about my date with PC – it involves snuggling/watching/tasting cum so umm, yeah, other new things are happening – but as I am about to prepare myself for my night out I am being driven to new heights of fucking sexual bliss before I even have sex. This is seriously very cool.

The reason I am writing this before I go out because right now I am a throbbing wet mess, not only do I have a husband that is pro Pyx sexual expression but a lover and they are both doing wonders for me: they are both very much involved. How is PC involved you might ask – well I will save those details for later but I can say that our conversation today before my departure has certainly worked me up into a frenzy. More fuel on the hot fire!

Not sure if what I am about to say is common or if other people have read this elsewhere but right now I am turned on by so many factors it doesn’t matter if nothing happens tonight but knowing that if it does it will because I am in the condition I am in before I get there; because of the men I am involved with. I am not saying that my sexuality is dependent on the approval of men, certainly not, but there is a particular liberation that comes along having two wonderful men that are supportive, active and both turned on by my sexuality – the acts of sex not just talking about my sexual fantasies.







6 comments on “before the adult theatre…

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    Your hubby and PC are some lucky bastards…

    • Pyx says:

      I hope they feel lucky sometimes – I have never really asked either – but I certainly feel fortunate and remind myself to tell them so.

  2. G says:

    Can’t wait to read more, I can tell how sexually on edge you are by your writing on this post. I’m happy to observe this!

    • Pyx says:

      Difficult little entry to write but worth the reminder to myself, the chat with PC leading up to my night was pretty fucking amazing. I am glad to see you around, I hope you peek in when you can.

      • G says:

        I’m glad I can read of you experiencing such heightened and intense arousal. I can understand the fact that the men around you are so supportive of it (supportive is not even the right word) just makes it exponentially hotter.

  3. The Hook says:

    Your life appears to be complete. Good for you!

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