srtgNot that kind of hot but rather actual heat. It has taken me a while to acclimate to Midwest weather and today I am better than I was a couple of years ago; I am fine with high temperatures of dry desert heat but I am a miserable polar bear when it is humid. You know it is hot when it is too hot to have sex and doing something outside in this heat for only 15 minutes can make you feel as though you worked an hour.

I do not like sweating – not even during sex. I mean when I was young and boxed sweating was the evidence others needed to see that I was working hard. It is a horrible feeling stepping out of a vehicle and it looks as though you pissed yourself because all your sweat has pooled in your seat or crotch when it is that freaking hot.

What I do like about being hot? Water… cool, cold, fresh, clean, clear, wet, soft water.

My number one turn on in the world: rain. I like the fact it is something man cannot control.

This is the first time in my life that I have not lived by water and I miss it.

I will take a lovely cold shower just for the pleasure of it but it is not the same. I have such fond memories of  going down by the river with my friends and we would splash ourselves down wearing nothing but our under garments. When I lived in BC there was the confluence of three rivers – glacier fed rivers – and it would cool the whole body down to just put your toes in it. And growing up in the north all I need do was cross the road and find myself on the beach, wading waist deep into the ocean watching whales and Russian ships go by in the distance. The pleasure of being outside in a hot tub as it snows is nothing than pure bliss for me!

It is not so strange that I have spent most of this week fantasizing about water, and winter, actually peeking at cabins in the Misty Mountains with outdoor pools and massive bathrooms equipped with large windows all overlooking a beautiful wilderness. Though it is miserably humid, I have been hiding in my air conditioned bedroom wishing I were camping by a body of water that would allow me enough privacy to strip down and float in the water at night.  It is the one thing that is missing from my awesome life – being close to water. And I am not the same for it.

I miss the weightlessness, being suspended in the mater; two bodies slick and cool once again  after it being denied  such intimacy from heat. Water does have such an impact on me – I like to bathe with the people I love. I like floating on my back looking up at the stars. The conductive power of water between two bodies is nothing less than powerful.

And the funniest thing about it all: I cannot swim.


4 comments on “Hot

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    And you’ve not bothered to learn?

    • Pyx says:

      Actually I took lessons while in BC! I do a mean doggy paddle but I umm have issues with wet stuff on my face, including water (even in the shower). I can somewhat swim but doubt it would save my life. Growing on the coast, you just didnt swim in the ocean – undertow and all – you just splashed around.

      I like to wade in the water…

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