A couple of couples

darwinSo Stuckey contacted the owner of the swingers club to pass along his information to us – Stuckey told him he ‘lost’ our information – he is just that sly. I never gave him or the club any contact information. I did make a point of writing Stuckey and explaining that we did not feel they were a good match for us, though it was nice to be introduced to them at the club, we look forward to keeping our social interaction strictly there should we go back.


I did chat with a couple on AFF and I am telling you – wow that was just some scary stuff. Lovely people I am sure, though they dont play on Saturday’s because they have to go to church on Sunday’s, this poor woman was not only beaten with an ugly stick but she then fell on top of stack of them, slid into a pool of grotesque and then was cursed to grow more. I know, rude of me to say but damn. I did not want to see D anywhere near that. I did not really bother sharing the conversation and all the pictures with him, i figured one was good enough to justify my telling them we were not a good match. I feel horrible, I am not a hottie and D is pretty old but shit sometimes … it is not the fuck you face but the face you fuck.

My husband then got to talking to another couple and we met them today for lunch.  They were socially polite and the conversation was good, however she did remind me often that I am ‘young’ and with age comes wisdom – this is the context of my not having my dishes done, I was not prepared for company since I was not expecting them to come into my home after lunch. I thought it best to explain that I get ‘weird’ about cleaning before I am expecting guests, and she suggested she is the same way.

After the fifth time she referred to me as a ‘young pup’ I asked her for clarification ‘what does that mean exactly? That with age my priority shifts to be lazy, overlook things and accept just anything because…’ okay so it killed the conversation a little but I thought it best to ask what she meant before I got really put out.

They were quick to be active – they were willing to spend the night and get naked. Now I am not against quick moving couples, some of them call for it, but I certainly was not there with them. I would rather plan, have my house to my standards and entertain. I really needed the time to explain to my husband: we can all get naked, I don’t mind them watching, I don’t mind if you get involved with that but I am not feeling a full on swap thing here for my part and we should adjust.

Sometimes that happens with everyone in the room, other times it happens with your partner – I did both. I explained to them that no they could not stay this weekend, and though I am certainly up for entertaining and adult entertainment I am not feeling an attraction to be with them both sexualy. They seemed okay with the idea, disappointed and she seems to think she can change my mind by telling me about her partners cock (???). I certainly did not mean to be rude but why beat around the bush – they have a choice to not come back if it’s not full swap.

The good news is my husband is going to build her a machine after four years of not doing so! so they will be back. I am really excited for him and her, they are great machines. The added bonus is that I might have him pull out some of my old bondage furniture as well. It is nice to host people again, I am a great hostess, and I like giving people options and showing off my husband’s talent.

It will be great to host people again, you know once my dishes are done and I learn some wisdom…

One comment on “A couple of couples

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    Do you always have to endure that “young pup” crack? I’ll give it to you – you’re better than I am about that; I’d let the first one slide because I know some people confuse age with sexual experience and one doesn’t always go with the other – I know older people who don’t know squat about sex.

    At the second one, well, let’s say that someone would have gotten their feelings very badly hurt and I’d even make sure to point out that even though you think I’m a young pup, that must not speak well of you if you’re so hyped to get me into bed, huh?

    Oh, you were such a good girl!

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