It doesn’t mean as much if you say it to everyone


I am a huge flirt but I am not the kind of person to re-use words. I am pretty confident that I can express myself, to others, without cliché or canned phrases. Now do not get me wrong, girls and guys in bed have limited vocabulary to play around with, especially when they are in the ‘getting to know you’ phase and what girl doesn’t like being told by her guy friend that she is ‘a good girl’ but if you are the fifth ‘babydoll’ how special is that supposed to really feel?

‘Babe’ is so generic I would question if the guy actually forgot who he was with or my name. I do not like being called ‘babygirl’ and this can make me a real stick in the mud. I would rather be called ‘stinky’ if my partner gave it to me out of some particular experience or the fact that my feet truly do stink.

ghThere are certain compliments you accept because someone is being kind, it nice to be told we look pretty or that we are funny but when you become intimate with someone and realize that most of the things they say to you they have said to other people I can’t fault them for going with what they know gets a reaction – they know what works- but it doesn’t make it special: and unique is pretty special it distinguishes us from everyone else.

For me this gets old fast because of my low tolerance for lack of appreciation for individualism: I begin to wonder if that person can in fact generate a compliment for someone and not so much the situation they hope to finds themselves in.

I would rather someone come straight at me than use their rehearsed ‘lines’ because unfortunately I am the sort to look on that person differently, lazy, untalented, unimaginative, unwilling to take a chance and dull. So you can get away with calling me a lot of things, at least the first time but after time passes along and you are still trying with me using the same exact words from years ago and that you use with everyone else – just how serious am I supposed to take you and the things you say and why would I bother to share myself with that in return?



2 comments on “It doesn’t mean as much if you say it to everyone

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    Yeah, if you practice kicking your game in front of a mirror, don’t talk to me; besides, a lot of the things people say these days was old when I first heard it…

  2. The Hook says:

    You’re a cut above, Pyx and anyone who wishes to win your affections better be ready to be honest and put in the effort.

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