Is it just me or do people really talk to each other this way …



M&M: how r u today SEXY???

Pyx: I am well thank you, how are you?

M&M: Doing great  Looking forward to the 14th mmmmmmm How is D?

Pyx: D is good, he just got up

M&M: have you helped him get it down yet

Pyx: Yeah, right.

M&M: Do u 2 want to share any photos or are you good till we meet again

Pyx: photos of what?

M&M: Us and you  XXX

Pyx: I’m sorry I don’t understand what you are asking me for – best to just come out and be direct, I don’t have any pictures of us and you (??) you mean do we have naked pictures?

M&M: yes that you want to share

Pyx: no I don’t.

M&M: ok no problem just wanted to know if you wanted to the anticapation is good

Pyx:  Yes, the anticipation. Okay.

Pyx: so did you two find a guitar the other day?

M&M: yes we did  with a case  she has been practicing a lot  kinda makes her fingers sore but they get better

Pyx: ah yes, the need for calluses

M&M: yes and her fingers arent tuned to move like that yet

Pyx: did she play an instrument before the guitar?

M&M: only the skin harp

Pyx: I see

M&M: and is very good at it lol

M&M: so tell me you 2’s limits or rules when we play  ours are no scat, blood,animals or breath control

Pyx:  along the same as mine, no kids, no animals but I can tailor things to the people I am with: I might be into things they aren’t so why bother doing it with them? D says his rules are simple: listen to whatever pyx says.

Pyx: I do however insist on safe sex: condoms.

*I can see him typing, and then it stops and then he is typing again. For about five minutes. I know what the issue is.

M&M:  we perfer bareback but condoms are no problem

Pyx: well it if was a problem it certainly would not be mine and no one would be touching anyone else.

M&M: we are disease free

Pyx: so most baby boomers think. We are disease free too, but I do take my sexuality seriously – and I like to stay that way -HPV is an issue for me being as I am so young and have not yet the wisdom of age and on top of that D is not the only person I care for and feel I have a responsibility too.

M&M: I understand

Pyx: I know. I’m a stick in the mud but all things considered there are worse things than condoms like dying from sex.

M&M: oh yes I agree

6 comments on “Is it just me or do people really talk to each other this way …

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    Hmm… that was kinda corny but, yeah, this conversation sounds just like a lot we’ve had with potential playmates over the years; I guess sex – or the promise of sex – still makes some people brain dead…

    • Pyx says:

      I was thinking it might have been more my fault, I did make it clear to them that I really only chat with family and close friends on my IM – so I am not used to that sort of casual sexual banter… but crap it was 9 in the AM!

      And I did find it corny so I’m glad you said so because I thought it was just me.

  2. I didn’t see anything unusual about the conversation, lol. Guess I’ve gotten a lot of similar stuff.

    • Pyx says:

      I guess maybe some people wouldnt find it odd to be called sexy, by a man you met once with his wife and have not chatted with more than 20 minutes, and asked for pictures… first thing in the morning. LOL

      I dont cyber and that might very well be my issue and I certainly do not toss my images about either so that might be another one.. oh fuck it, lets admit this is on me! LOL I think its tacky.

  3. The Hook says:

    A conversation representative of our times – unfortunately!

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