200th entry

pyx picture 2013

pyx picture 2013

I had great intentions of doing something far more grand for my 200th entry,

a video or something but I think this is pretty grand in itself;

PC:  in case I get eaten by a gator, I do love you.

 I liked hearing it more than I thought I would.


If you are so inclined, to plan ahead for the holiday season,

Thanksgiving and Christmas Season, or because you can,

here are a few of my favourite charities;

Adopt A Soldier

These guys like getting a letter or news papers from back home; it is about real people connecting to other people while stuck in some of the worst places on earth. Not all of them have the luxury of internet all the time. Not all of them have family so when mail arrives they get nothing. They are worth far more than a price of a stamp, than a trip to the dollar store and a few minutes of your time once a month.

The Red Cross

You do not need money in order to give, blood can help save so many lives!

Heifer International

You can buy a family a flock of chickens for like 20 dollars! Seriously, how cool is that!

Not only would you be giving a family a source of healthy good food but this organization helps women to feed their families and create their own place within a community for a stronger society as a whole by providing themselves with a source of income.

All of these charities are great to do with kids,  family, friends, and work colleagues: imagine Adopting a Platoon and baking cookies for guys who do not get to spend Christmas with their family in the safety of their own country.

Thank You.

*this post wad edited on September 12 2013 after I knew everyone who needed to see it, saw it.

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