So how do you know?




My husband was playing with my underwear material in the dark, his fingers sliding under and back out from the leg hole as we talked about serious world events.

I kicked the blankets off and put my hands behind my head on the pillow – sometimes the only thing you can say is ‘I don’t know’ – and his fingers then pressed themselves over my clit.

“Your friend didn’t seem to enjoy her Adult Theatre experience” he said while pushing my shirt up over my breast. “Nope she didn’t” I laughed but continued “not that I would want some guys cock jerking off in my ear, but then again it isn’t for everyone. Not that I am so hard core about it anyhow”

There is a direct line from nipple to crotch and as he licked at them I pulled down my underpants and put his free hand over my pussy. His fingers played with me while his mouth alternated from right and left breast.

He then got himself up over me and opened my legs, pushing them down on the mattress by the knees and holding me there. “Well I have no idea what theatre gang bang etiquette is” he said pushing his cock up against me.

He started to fuck me, nice and slow at first but soon built up a deep thrust when he hit a particular spot – he can tell because the heat increases, I get wetter and fuck him back harder. “so how is it that you know you can handle ten guys?” he asked as he fucked me.

“it isn’t that we ladies know, unless we have already done it, it is a curiosity – like asking ourselves ‘I wonder how many I could’ – kinda like guys that enter a hot dog eating contest I guess” I was in danger of mumbling because he was working me up to a nice orgasm and it had been two weeks since my last.

“How many guys have you ever done at once?” he was now changing his pace and I shifted to ensure it kept hitting my pleasure spot. “At one time only threesomes, me and two guys” I was matter of fact concentrating more on having an orgasm than the conversation.

“well how do you know then that you could handle a room full of guys” He fucked me harder.

“because I just know” I said, grabbing on to his ass pulling into me harder.

“yes but how do you know” he said, I could feel his cock get rock hard.

“Just keep fucking me like this and I will tell you” I was more serious about getting off before he did. I didn’t want to be left without an orgasm and I was feeling a bit of chase coming on – if he came first I would be bringing myself to my own.

He grabbed on to both my nipples, pinched them hard and then put his mouth over mine – that usually does the trick – and I started to cum. He was right behind me and when he was done, I ran my fingers over the sweat on his back and I said “I know because I could easily do that five more times”

3 comments on “So how do you know?

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    Wow… ya got nailed and was still having intelligent discourse with your hubby? You get big props for that one… Trips on Rocks.

    • Pyx says:

      it is one of the reasons I fell in love with him to begin with – and why my passion for him is still alive… I will pass on the props to him provided there are not pebbles on my way there. LOL

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