Do Crazy People Make Better Bloggers?

Pyx Picture 2000

Pyx Picture 2000


Why Crazy People Make Better Bloggers by Susannah Breslin for Forbes Magazine.


Crazy people are constantly in conflict:

with themselves, with the world, with the voices in their heads.

Want to know why no one reads your blog? You’re boring.

You’re not in conflict, or you have no ability to articulate your conflict, or, more likely, you’re unwilling to share your conflict.

That makes you boring and cowardly.

Dare I say I am happy to be boring because some of those people are in fact freaking crazy!

Cowardly however… I don’t think it is brave to hammer a nail into your head and blog about it but that is just me.


One comment on “Do Crazy People Make Better Bloggers?

  1. The Hook says:

    Trust me, it’s not just you.

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