No more weeks!

Pyx Picture 2010

Pyx Picture 2010



I am already a throbbing wet warm puddle of goo.

My nipples are sore from being rock hard all day at the memory of  his lips on them.

PC is on his way back to town, he jokingly threatened to stop in here for 2 minutes of sex tomorrow and I promptly planned to make meat in an attempt to make it so.

What? I am not above bribery! Hot shower, beer, meat, and pussy… what guy would say no?

I wouldn’t even care if it lasted two minutes or thirty seconds, as long as I get him inside me. I will once again be soothed and able to concentrate on other things. It seems as though every night I thought about him; a way in which we were already together and a million other ways I want to have him…

My initial concern was do I greet him at the door naked in heels or do I get out the step stool – because the guy is so fucking tall –  in order to bend myself over the back of the couch I am in need of some height. Fuck it, at this point I am pretty sure if I did put on clothing they would burst into flames.

Five weeks! Five whole long weeks since I’ve tasted his tongue, had his hands pulling at my flesh … I feel a sense of urgency.

Even my vibrator is cursing his name;  it tried to hide on me last weekend by rolling off the head of the bed down between the wall, and under my pillow is not a place I put my vibrator… odd.

Need, I think that is what this is – I don’t care how he fucks me, I don’t care for how long he kisses me, I don’t care how much he fills me with his cum; just that he does. I want to smell him, feel him and hear him in the same room with me…

And right as I was about to post this he manages to make my pussy go from hot to smoldering …

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