I must say that it is something other than just delight when PC showed up here on Tuesday. After being out of town I know what it is like to want to get home so it was nice that he came here first. While away he did stay in touch and his last night in a hotel room, with a particularly good internet connection, he did turn his cam on and masturbate for me.

I have only ever watched my husband, once, naked on cam and I was out of country. PC was the first guy I ever watched jerk off on cam because I never got into the whole cyber sex thing but then good cock does inspire such things. I have a strange fascination with Ulf so wanting to view him on cam seems perfectly normal to me; and the whole time I watched, my pussy ached and screamed ‘I know that cock’

He walked in the door and I was on him quicker than a fat kid on cake. I was prepared for my two minutes of lovin’ – hell I asked him to skip his shower, I told him I wanted him dirty and he obliged. I believe I said hello and asked about his drive back was but he was getting undressed and my ear were humming so I might not have heard him.

His head disappeared briefly between my legs but my sense of urgency dictated I put a stop to that and just demand his cock inside me.  My whole body heaved a huge sigh of relief at the prospect of shedding five weeks of sexual lust for this particular cock and of course as he pushed his way in I began to cum. I felt as though I had just gone to confession: Please fuck me and together let us sin, it has been five weeks since I’ve last felt you cock inside me and I want to do it again.

My attention was clearly between my legs and though I was rambling on about how much I missed him and how fucking great he felt inside me I was not expecting to him to say much. Then in a low but soft voice he said he loved me and my instinct was to bolt because such tenderness causes me physical pain but I kept very still and focused on his body weight on top of me and how comfortable that felt. I am not sure if he felt that muscle contraction and it only took a few second to correct it; I am clearly out of my depth with this and I managed to sound pretty lame saying ‘I know’ instead of the customary ‘I love you too’ but it all came out later on anyhow.

Two minutes my fucking ass! Not actually fucking my ass. He led me to believe that his own five weeks of sexual denial would impede his abilities for an extended performance. I do not count my sexual abilities or those of my lovers in terms of minutes or orgasms but things began to feel

Pyx picture 2013

Pyx picture 2013

seriously one sided – I could not stop cumming and he, the ever attentive lover, just kept bringing them on not only with what he was doing but the things he said. You just have to love a guy that can tell you he had to make himself not think of you because he got a hard on, in a car full of people, on the way back home. Rarr.

I wondered out loud how I could possibly balance the scales – how do I make sure he gets as much as I do out of this– but to no great answer, we ladies with such men are most fortunate that they continue to derive pleasure from ours … in that case he should be rather fucking pleased. Which does explain that look he gets on his face.

He remembers things and that turns me on; I made a comment one day about a particular sexual position and there I was all of a sudden in it. I’m not sure if I was kind of pissed off that I overlooked his memory, or that he remembered and was now fucking me that way, or that his cock had now managed to reach a whole new depth and he once again rendered me weak from want, or if I was on the verge of being overstimulated but I was feeling rather impatient.  It wasn’t the sex it was something else.

He was doing that thing that he does, that whole ‘making love’ tenderness kissing passionate pleasing thing and for the first time I almost questioned my own abilities  – in fact I might have asked him out loud to teach me – I feel as though I have no experience in this area. He makes me feel vulnerable I guess and as much as I don’t like it I do. It’s all fun and games until someone realized that I really do suck at this part of it and can’t change.

I was happy he gave me a break, at which point we drank and ate. I asked him about his week and he talked and I listened. I could listen and watch him talk for hours but I kept thinking in terms of a puzzle – and I love my puzzles: I always start off with the borders and work my way in. He is a puzzle without the border and I have no idea where to start or where it will end.

He said something in a tone that made me feel warm inside, his head moved in a particular way as he shifted his gaze and as much as I love his technical side he has a cute ‘aww’ side to him. I was reminded that once again I am at a disadvantage; I have no cute sides mine are all sharp and pointed. I like doing things my way and the way I have always done them and historically others have simply complied. He is rather fun, fascinating and new –I do not want him to do things my way, in fact he is worth letting be in a charge sometimes. Sometimes, not all the time and strangely I am confident he can manage, that he has done this before and I trust him that we both come out fine in the end. He is certainly patient with my inner conflicts and rarely do people get to see a lot of those but he is the kind of guy that will leave a lasting impression and impact on me; those are rare for me.

I was far more at ease once he took his place  between my legs again and asked ‘where were we’ and our bodies picked up where they had left off. We managed to laugh a lot, I even bumped my head on his face and gave myself a fat lip, and such sexual folly does expose my lack of grace which I find amusing: Miss Trips On Rocks can be a klutz even in bed. I only shifted language once, spoke in tongues a few times and beat on him for lack of motor skills a few times before he came inside me – at the moment it began I felt as though a fire had been put out, I was feeling calm and at peace but then he just kept coming and I felt this massive pressure behind my left eye ball.

“Is there cum leaking from my ears” I asked, not the sexiest thing a girl could say but then I never much practiced being sexy. And he kept cumming, and that started a whole new sensation of heat between my legs and I had to hold him still for fear of ruining my quilt as we laughed. Wow I thought my five weeks of pent up sexual frustration was going to be nasty but that was just fucking awesome! I let him relax a moment before I cleaned his cock off in my mouth and when I was finished I let my fingers slide through my cum filled pussy.

All was right in my world, I was settled, fulfilled and we talked for several more hours about everything and anything; he is pretty funny and made me laugh a lot. Once he left I decided against my usual ritual of a shower because I didn’t want to wash him off of me just yet.  I let myself fall asleep as my fingers lightly slid between my legs; it wasn’t about an orgasm it was about smelling like him and the taste of his cock still in the back of my throat.

The following day I spent in a leisurely state, having welcomed my husband home in the morning from work and tucking him into bed, I rested myself on the couch till I could no longer hold off the orgasm that has been building up from the last hours the night before.  I prefer my own hand to a vibrator, I still felt slick from all his cum and my own. I could still taste him on my fingers  but oddly enough I was having some difficultly: I was meeting great resistance. It would seem I was swollen shut.

I have some delightful little bruises on my thighs from where he pushed in his thumbs and I pressed down on them with a smile as I contemplated the possibilities of not being able to insert anything into my body. How does that even happen?! I wasn’t in any pain and the rest of my body felt great as though I had a good work out the night before. My curiosity got the better of me and I retrieved a glass toy – sure enough it would not pass into my body at all – in fact it took great effort on my part and lube to get it half way in. The sick way my mind works; he managed to fuck me so well that I am not even sure I could have sex right now even if I want too and that is what actually got me off.


13 comments on “Confession

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    Hmm, got that stuff packed and wrecked, huh? I’m liking PC more and more!

    • Pyx says:

      Oh God, as if I wasn’t blushing enough while writing it, you just made me turn a deep shade of red!!! but also new language to my vulgarity – how strangely exciting.

      • kdaddy23 says:

        I am sitting here imagining the look on your face… and smiling evilly!

      • Pyx says:

        you are making it worse!!!!!
        Not sure how else I could have written that out differently, I mean clearly I could have been very medically technical about it but … that would have been ridiculous! I don’t even know why I’m blushing…

      • kdaddy23 says:

        You’re blushing because you know PC wrecked that shit good… and if I’m making it worse, that works well for me – you’re quite interesting when you’re feeling all warm and fuzzy!

        Being clinical in your description would have just ruined the mood you were trying to convey. As I read, I was thinking a lot of things: Good that PC came to her before going home, good that she’s gonna get some of him to end her PC-drought. Then, as I read further, I thought that, yeah, he’s tearing that shit up and, at the end, I was actually laughing because I knew he had wrecked your shit good.

        And you deserve it; a woman with your appetites needs to get her shit wrecked… it means that, at least in my book, PC did it damned right – and he gets big time cool points from me for it.

      • Pyx says:

        Why do I feel like I should buy you a beer and we can then start telling each other stories… yes I am soooo glad he showed up here first!

        I hope he never reads this, his ego is hard enough to get in the room sometimes.

        tearing that shit up… im still laughing at that one!

      • kdaddy23 says:

        I’m sure that between the two of us, we can tell some stories and since I don’t drink beer, we can have wine!

      • kdaddy23 says:

        And he did tear it up, didn’t he? I say he did…

      • kdaddy23 says:

        Just wrecked shop on it…

  2. mala says:

    Wow, hot. I love watching a man jerk off… and then everything that followed..yes!

    • Pyx says:

      Agree! I think because I knew the penis it was hot, not sure if random cock would do the same for me but that cam show did fan some flames and thankfully I got to see him shortly thereafter.

  3. PC says:

    “I hope he never reads this, his ego is hard enough to get in the room sometimes.”
    Too late. 😉

    “we ladies with such men are most fortunate that they continue to derive pleasure from ours … in that case he should be rather fucking pleased. Which does explain that look he gets on his face.”
    …and the swelling of my head.

    Luckily I don’t have a good memory…er…ummm….wait…

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