Pyx answers her mail: best date ever


Q: What is your dream date or the best date you have had up to this point and why?

A: The best date I have ever had was with my dad. I grew up with an appreciation for music and a part of that fascination was 50’s music and that quickly grew into a 50’s fetish: ranging from clothing, cars to cartoons and of course the romantic idea of how life back then appeared. I was turning 13 and to mark the special event – a girl moving into her teens – my parents were throwing me a 50’s themed birthday party and I even got to invite the boys from my class.

My grandparents came in from out of town, even my grandmother got dressed up and she made me my very own poodle skirt and gave me one of her vintage crinolines. I already had my own saddle shoes by this age. The house looked awesome! My dad borrowed bar stools and made a ‘ diner counter’ were we would all eat chillie dogs, french fries, banana splits and drink root beer floats and milkshakes: he even planned on wearing a white paper hat that I recalled seeing in some old photography.

Anyhow even with all of that, once I was dressed I heard a car honk its horn outside and my grandparents walked me out – there was a beautiful 1952 Packard and my dad. He greased his hair back, cuffed his jeans and had on his black leather jacket over a white t-shirt.  He gave me Time Life’s 50’s music collection – about 11 tapes – and we drove around town playing them and singing along. We stopped at a few places to show off to his friends I guess but he was doing his best strut and staying in character: chewing on gum and combing his hair back with a comb he kept in his back pocket.

I was not embarrassed at all it was pretty awesome! At the tavern he frequented my dad introduced me to the guy he borrowed the car from and they all sang The Leader of the Pack by The Shangri-La’s along with the karaoke machine for me. I felt like the center of the universe.

Once we got home all my friends were there, my whole entire class showed up and there were five other classic cars in the driveway and garage: my dad got his friends and their friends to help him find some more cars for pictures. My whole class got theirs taken too. We played cool music had limbo contests and RB got up and did an amazing lip sync for me – my bf JP danced with me every song and even my brother got to dance with S.

Some years later I pissed my mother off enough that as punishment she took my tapes and unspooled them, rendering them useless.  I was pretty heart broken and Time Life was not exactly as popular as it used to be so replacing them would be difficult.

The night of my 19th birthday (woohoo drinking age in Canada) everyone I knew and didn’t were at the local watering hole – an alternative bar where I had my own table – having lived on my own for three years already I had a very big social family and had been frequenting this bar since I was 16.

After a Nine Inch Nails song came Leader of the Pack over the bar’s music system and there stood my dad, his jeans cuffed, his black leather jacket over a white tshirt… I think I cried a little bit because the memory of that perfect night when I was 13 was pretty much forgotten and now seemed so distant and fake, but there he stood not  false at all.

My dad piled a bunch of us into the same Packard he borrowed for my birthday all those years ago and took us out to see Collin James and his Big Brass Band. He dropped me and my bf off, who had puked all over the side of the car and as I rinsed off the vomit with the hose he gave me a taped version of Oldies Classics. It didn’t matter that it wasn’t the time life ones.

Why? Because even though it might seem silly to everyone around me he did it for me. I was at the center of the whole night. He went out of his way to make sure I had a special night, classic car aside; it would have been special regardless of what he did because he remembered something that was important to me. Not many guys will embarrass themselves for a girl, not many guys will suffer through something they think is stupid but for the ones that do – they are most certainly the best dates a girl could ever have!

2 comments on “Pyx answers her mail: best date ever

  1. mala says:

    Aww! How awesome was that?? Both times!

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