Behind black painted walls in dark corners


I came out from the bedroom dressed for my evening adventure. I walked over to my husband and stood in front of him and said “do not say a word, you have a tendency to say the wrong thing and it ruins my mood” He looked a little hurt but he didn’t say a thing.

It’s true, some women enjoy being spoken too in a particular way when they are about to be or are being sexually playful, I loathe it. I was attaching my fishnet stockings to the garter snap when I remember he once playfully called me a ‘slut’ and how I had called off the whole night. I did not want to hurt his feelings but it is in my best interest to give him clear direction so he doesn’t screw up his own chances of a show tonight. He loves nothing more than watching me play a crowd.

I looked into my small handbag and made sure I had everything I needed, like a good boy scout I try to go prepared: wet naps, condoms, breath mints, lip stick, Kleenex, nail file and tokens. Yes tokens, we were heading out to the Adult Bookstore.

As a woman when you are going in to such a place there is a moment of grateful disguise – they do sell sex toys so it is not as though everyone knows you are headed to the back where things are dark. I could never be mistaken for a common street walker but the overcoat can only hide so much so the bit of ‘obviousness’ is a part of the game: the men sitting in their cars doing god knows what seem to perk up when a woman walks past, the knee high boots is just an indicator their chances have improved.

I always make a point of speaking to the person working because I want them to see my face, I am not ashamed of my naughty tendencies, but it is a point of safety that I have trained myself to do since a young age. I left my husband to pay for entry and I looked over the sex toy wall, I had something in particular in mind and when I saw it I became even more aroused.  I did not remove the toy from the wall but instead touched it in its plastic wrapping – I quickly imagined using it on myself and then using it on him and I could feel my thighs get hotter, my cheeks turning red. I was ready to disappear into the dark.

Down a tight ‘hallway’ of sorts, opposite the long black painted wall are a series of small grey booths, each of them with their own television, playing horrible pornographic movies, each with a bench and through the cubical wall shared with the next is a hole. I have my spot already picked out – left at the very end of the long wall it opens up a little bit and the video booths are now on both sides of the space but at the very end of it is the brick wall and right above that spot is a security light. Just enough light so everyone can see.

I put my husband in one video booth and I took the one beside it – between us was a frosted windowfishnet which will become pellucid when a request is accepted- it is a peep show window which would allow him to see everything going on in my booth. I could care less about what is on the TV screen but I did choose something with a lot of moaning for background noise. I had to smile seeing my husband standing on the other side of a window; I could imagine him a 12 year old boy watching his first dirty movie with wide eyes, dry mouth and a hard on.

I turned myself around so my backside was to the peep show window. My skirt was short enough that all I need do was stick out my bottom and bend a bit at the waist so he could catch a glimpse that I wasn’t wearing any underpants. I put my left hand on the wall and turned my torso to look at him in and let my right hand slowly pull up the last bit of material over my right ass cheek so he could better see the garters. I like my butt, it is round, soft and warm and I took great pleasure in touching it softly. I then turned my face back toward the wall and did the same with the other hand, letting my fingers just play with the back of my stockings and both hands rubbing my bottom.

I know my husband as I know myself – he is not one that likes to be rushed and I was certainly taking my time having a captive audience – I bent myself over the bench exposing my whole bare backside and I let my hand slide between my legs towards the back and pulled forward over my wet crotch. When I stood up I pulled my top down but still facing the wall, I held my breasts in my hands and pinched at my nipples lightly knowing he could not see a thing but knew exactly what I was doing.

I turned myself around to face him and he was clearly somewhat frustrated with having to keep putting tokens into the peep show window slot – they have to pay a token to have the window go clear – and I giggled as I held my boobs hidden in my hands. I sat myself down on the bench and let go of them, touching my own neck and resting my hands on top of my head. I pushed my hips forward and let my legs fall open and for a while I just watched him, a caged animal that looked like he was going to break through the wall.

I pulled my own knees apart even further and slide my hand under my skirt – at first keeping the skirt in place – and then lifting it careful to show him what I was doing. I took my time masturbating but as I my first orgasm approached I put both my feet up on either side of the glass so he had a clear view when I did cum.

I put my finger up to the glass and told him to wait there and not move as I opened the door to my booth. There was a swift coolness that made my nipples go even harder but it was the knowledge that other men were out that I wanted him to sit through… would I invite someone in? what the hell kind of show is this going to be. A man stood in my doorway and I smiled at him, politely, and he asked if I was there to fuck. “No I’m not here to fuck you but you can step in and give me a hand if you like” I said.

I put my leg up for him to hold, his hand clasped tightly around my ankle while his free hand plucked at my fishnet stockings – I have no issue with ignoring him – I touched myself watching my husband on the other side of the window.  I pushed my finger inside me real deep to bring about a more lively orgasm and for the sake of the show and the nice man that was now hugging my leg to his chest, I grabbed a fist full of his shirt as I came.  I thanked him and took my leg back, pushing him back out the doorway.

My husband at the same time took leave of his booth and we both ended up in the free space where there were now 5 gentleman standing around. I suppose it might depend on who you are but I pretty much walk around with confidence daily but in the dark is where I thrive and I am master comptroller: these guys are not about to fuck up a good thing, half of them will not even look at me in the face and I love that they know their place. They all stood with their backs against the wall and I made sure to look at each and every one of them as I grabbed onto my husband and kissed him.

I put my back against the painted brick under the security light– this time forcing my husband’s hand between my legs. I was hot and wet, his fingers felt great, strong and rough. He kissed my neck and my tits as I looked around at my audience. Ever the fan of the underdog my eyes were set on the quiet one – he stood with his hand folded over his crotch and looking down at his shoes only peeking at me over his glasses. My husband was fingering me harder and I was close to cumming again so over his shoulder I pointed to the man and asked him to come closer…

He actually stumbled with his third step and then stood in front of me as though I had called him to the front of the class to humiliate him. I put both my hands on his shoulder and my face close to his, so much so I was afraid to fog up his lenses, and told my husband to make me cum – and he did – the only thing holding me up was this man. His hands were hot in a nervous sense as he put them on my waist to steady me – I thanked him – and he quietly said ‘thank you’. I let go of him with a smile and he all but ran from the darkness and vanished.

I turned myself around, palms and fingers spread on the wall as my husband pulled up the back of my skirt. You could feel the air being sucked out of the place and then a voice – from the right side of my ear- and it began to talk dirty. “I can smell your cunt” he said as if it were supposed to turn me on. I looked at him in the eye with an unimpressed look and ground my bottom into my husband’s hand and let out a moan of pleasure. He kept talking about wanting to fuck my pussy, how good it smelled and how much he wanted to taste it – and it was annoying me.

I spread my legs open and put two fingers in my pussy and fucked myself while standing against the wall – my left hand still holding me in place and him to my right yacking away. My husband smacked my ass from my left side and there wasn’t much more I could to hold off cumming. Mr Talks A Lot was still going on and on so I removed my fingers from my snatch and took one step towards him to be close enough to shove my dirty fingers in his mouth and wipe them on his face when I was done.

Now there were more shadows of men in the dark. The smell of sexual angst was in the air and you could hear them breathing; it is not a pretty place but then my version of sex never was.  As I took my place under the light someone asked my husband something and I could hear him explain that ‘me and her boyfriend think so’ and a small gasp from a few men was heard clearly over the uncomfortable shuffle of feet. A woman that likes cock and a husband that lets her fuck other men? Oh my! More than one man offered his services and my husband gracefully assured them that they couldn’t begin to imagine – he was doing them a favour by saying no.

He had that look on his face that I love so much. Like his race horse had just won the Kentucky Derby, he is proud, turned on and also feeling ten feet tall. He is not only turned on by my sexuality but involved and that is why we are here. I don’t care about the compliments but he certainly beams when he gets them about his wife; he does it with an amount of grace and protection that secures me to him. He is still my fantasy and a great turn on and I like that I am able to do ‘my thing’ and he does ‘his thing’ but they are done together.

I grabbed hold of my husband’s head and kissed him before forcing  his head down between my legs. It only took a few minutes for two nice gentlemen to offer their assistance on either side of me – one held my leg up and to the side and the other held up my skirt but they both gave me great shoulders to lean on. I came again and was at the point my muscles were feeling loose and I was happy all over. I gave my husband a smile when I was done shaking and I returned the favour. I pushed his back to the wall and bent myself over at the waist to take his cock in my mouth.

Of course I let the guys touch my ass, nothing terribly intrusive but they were like a class of first year veterinarian students petting a tiger; very careful and very light with their touches as to not spook the creature and get eaten alive.  My husband then reached a point where he was ready to cum and he turned me around. Still bend at the waist but now facing out toward the crowd of men he fucked me. Again the guys were more than kind to offer a helpful hand but for the most part the rest stood back and just watched, little white eye balls blinking in the dark and I loved it.

fingersMy husband came inside me and I excused myself back to my favourite booth – door open – I sat myself down on the edge of the bench and slid my fingers back inside me. I think my husband was a bit taken aback he was now just one amongst many watching as my fingers pushed their way through his cum. A man that reminded me of the first guy peeked from the corner of the door jam and I smiled for him to come in. He was nervous but asked me nicely if he could touch me and I told him he could. I didn’t stop playing with myself but he was certainly fascinated with the boots. I told him to kiss me ‘right there’ using my head to point down at my knee – he got down on his knees between my legs and kissed my knee softly. I told him to ‘go on’ and he understood the command – he kissed his way down my boot to the heel.

I left a bit of a wet mess in the booth and cleaned up – that is what the wet naps are for – but I was also really thirsty. A couple of guys were trying to talk to me as I readjusted my clothing but for the most part they took their turns saying thank you and it was my pleasure to thank them; they were all very well behaved. My husband was back in the crowd someplace talking and I when I say crowd it was like 13 guys but it’s a small space so it felt like a larger group.

I came out the peep show booth like the royalty I am, I shook hands, said thank you and smiled gracefully to everyone as my husband – the bodyguard- walked me past the well behaved men now with their back against the wall once more.  I waved to the man behind the counter and someone opened the door for me as stepped out into the cold night air. “That was fun!” I said to my husband “I am very thirsty, do you mind stopping for a pop with ice please?”.

“That was the hottest thing I have ever seen” he kept saying through a shit eating grin. “Sweetie you love me, I know, but you always say that” I said patting him on the shoulder.

I got myself into the car and men slowly started coming from the store, someone whistled and I laughed – because chances are good he was not a part of what just happened in the back dark corners of the building.

**All images via gooble

11 comments on “Behind black painted walls in dark corners

  1. secondchance262 says:

    Wow, that was very hot.

  2. tispersonal says:

    OMGoodness! I’m left feeling all kinds of different emotions at the moment. Wet, Shocked, Curious, Jealous, did I mention wet? On a side note, I just have to say I am so completely enamored with you, your husband and boyfriend. There is such a special dynamic going on here and I love the fact that you and your husband are so open with each other, so trusting and loving. I can only imagine how many marriages could be saved with the kind of arrangement you have. Thank you for being so open and sharing all of this. xoxo

    • Pyx says:

      Yes, you mentioned wet – twice but I am curious as to why shocked? I am sometimes still surprised that I go there and enjoy it so much. The whole American bookstore adult theater thing is still very new to me but I have always been rather fond of teasing men.

      You are very kind to say such things in my regard, I certainly feel lucky and happy to have a husband that is supportive and a boyfriend that is understanding – both them rather accepting of me. I wonder how many marriages could be saved if we all took a deep breath and managed to talk to each other more often but especially about sex. Hard to trust the ones you love with someone that defines you when they could easily look at you the worse for it.

      Thank you for reading and the compliment, I am not a great writer but I certainly feel proud of what I have.


      • tispersonal says:

        Shocked at how it made me feel wanting and jealous. I’ve never imagined myself in a situation like that nor thought I might want to be. But you have definately put the bug in my ear so to speak. 🙂

      • Pyx says:

        I am constantly reminded that though he is my husband he is still a man and enjoys certain things; the first time I took him he thought someone had removed a socket from the wall, that he was going to get electrocuted. I had to point out the eye ball on the other side of the hole but he then thought it was just a rat or something.

        Kind of gives you the impression of some of these places. He was clueless and fascinated so when I asked to go again he was a bit more on the ball.

        The first time anything ever happened we were fooling around and started to have sex when someone put their cock through the hole – my husband tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to it like an excited child. I just grabbed on to the strange cock and jerked the guy off (wet naps are indeed handy)

        We stopped in at our local grocer on the way home and my husband was smiling so big and fighting the urge to stop everyone and say ‘this is my wife she can give a left handed hand job!’ but of course that was the hottest thing he had ever seen too. LOL

        ‘I had no idea you knew how to do that!’ he said. I did not have the heart to tell him that if we ladies touch a cock with any part of our bodies, it will eventually cum.

        I love men, they are so funny and entertaining!

      • tispersonal says:

        This is going to stew in my head for quite sometime. I love the idea of it, the voyeuristic nature of it. Having Men salivating and in awe of what they are witnessing. Such a huge turn on.

  3. kdaddy23 says:

    Tell me, ToR, did you get a great rush knowing that all those men wanted to fill you with hard dick… and they couldn’t?

    • Pyx says:

      I do tend to write matter of fact don’t I?

      I love being a facilitator, I mean I denied them fucking me but i did go there, they got to watch and they got to touch a little… I don’t think some of those guys have touched a girl in years. It feels good, I always feel good but this is situation that i feel even more so in – in control, on top, orchestrating. It has nothing to do with my believing I am the shit, I mean certainly any woman could go in there and give them the same entertainment value but I like the way they behave … not one of them pulled they cock out and for some reason (and I could be delusional here) I really think that has to do with the way I carry myself.

      I do enjoy that moment of unease where I realize there are a lot of guys here, lots of hands and I am outnumbered…

  4. rougedmount says:

    feral..that was simply…feral..

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