I went to bed wet and I woke up wet.

PC was telling me that this upcoming weekend he is going to make up for the canceled camping trip; he has several days off where he is does not have to work.  We were going to go camping over the Columbus day weekend but the government shut down in the U.S had made it impossible. However he made time with me that weekend and built me a blanket tent in his living room in front of the fire place. I wasn’t really thinking that he need make up the missing camping trip at all, we got to spend the night together and that was what I wanted. It is really nice of him to invite me over again and offer to make up for the lost weekend trip.

I do want to still go camping though, the only problem now is – it feels so easy to just say we stay at his place and play xbox. Blasted video games I knew it would not be able to resist them.  I even thought if we just stayed in I could dress like a complete sleaze but then there is something to be said for sexual appeal in socks, mittens and flannel shirts.

Sex outdoors or sex by the fire place.

I am thinking we should do both.

8 comments on “Options

  1. tispersonal says:

    I’m sorry did you say something about camping, mittens and a fireplace? 😉 I swear I think that is my all time favorite sexiest position.

  2. mrmodigliani says:

    I think his aim is a bit low

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