Overheard at the Chateau


A very large diesel truck pulls up with 3 women inside.

Ladies: does he have a girlfriend?

Pyx: I’m sorry, say again.

Ladies: Does Zeke have a girlfriend.

Pyx: Oh I thought you meant my husband I was about to put him in the back of your truck. No Zeke does not have a lady friend.

Ladies: he needs one!

Pyx: You sure? He looks awfully serene there by himself.

Ladies: Yes he does, for sure. We drive by every week and see Zeke, it is time for him to have a gal.

Pyx: Well I tell you what, we will find him a girl, but you have to stop back and name her.

Ladies: Oh we will that would be so cool!

I didn’t have the heart to tell them that my husband made Zeke as a zombie target and I  use him to practice throwing knives.

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