Slippery Sex: make your own lube

oiledThere are some pretty hot videos out there of guys giving slick massages that lead to pleasurable forced orgasm but we ladies aren’t porn stars nor do we have a supplier of lubricants on hand – so how do you get that slick wet look and still have the lube be okay internally?

Coconut oil.

I love this stuff for hand jobs, foot jobs and boob jobs, not only does my guy get a slick shiny place to slide himself around but he gets to apply the oil, shine them up and try to hold on. My boobs actually like the coconut oil so I get double the pleasure and soft skin, I use this on my feet regardless but you will be amazed at how happy the cock is after a generous application of coconut oil!

In a lot of movies we know they use baby oil, there is nothing more wet and shiny looking than that but we also know we cannot have it used internally and definitely not with condoms: if you don’t know why you should not be using oil based lubricants internally then you should look it up. Not to mention the smell and the mess, it will ruin your sheets.

Silicone lubricants will give you a nice glossy shine too however the price tag is a bit high considering the amount you will need to get your tits, ass and whatever else slick looking. Wet brand lubricants used to make a silicone Mist – it was silicone based lube in a bottle that was easy to apply, strippers used to use it but it can be hard to find aprx $24.00 CD. Silicone does not absorb into the body so that is what sits on the surface of the skin to keep things looking wet.

The compromise I came up with to the fantasy but always taking my body and wellbeing into account was coconut oil. With a little bit of preparedness you can achieve the porn’esq look for slick wet tits and still have sex without losing your insides or breaking out into a rash.

You are going to mess up sheets no matter what so choose a top cover, a sheet that you can use just for messing around – be it oils, candle wax, body panting ect.

The next step is to just accept the fact that we fuck in the real world, not fantasy massageporn land, chances are once you get slick and wet, your man might just be finished in 13 minutes time vs the hour length video – so we really do not need to be slick for a long period of time.

Now I make my own hand creams and such so I buy mine in bulk but you can go down the baking isle of your local grocery market and find coconut oil there – yes you can use it to cook with but it is also great on skin and safe to use as a lubricant.

Once you buy your jar of coconut oil all you really need to do is get it ready for more presentable use – that is fine if you are okay with your man using a spoon to get it out of the jar but it can ruin the mood if his hand doesn’t fit. I am not against spoons in the bedroom but…

Take some and put it in your hand, the size of a dime, and you will see how quickly this stuff melts – rub it into your arm, it will slowly absorb but you will get a clear idea of what it is you are working with and how much  you will want to use for your wet slick sex.

Find a wide mouth shallow jar – I use the mason jars like this:jar

Next take the coconut oil out of the jar and on low heat melt it in a pot. I do not suggest adding anything to the coconut oil because chances are good it is going to be used internally – and you are in control so you know what your body reacts too and what it can handle-  you will end up fucking covered in the stuff. The scent is not strong and rather mild but adding other oils or scents could lead to agitation.

Pour the melted oil into the jar and let cool – it will become a solid again but the wide mouth leaves more surface for your man to get his fingers onto. I sometimes use a tongue depressor (yes I took one from the doctors office) but working with the texture is not all bad – just scrap with a thumb nail and you will be fine.

Room temperatures, if warm or placed near a source of heat will render this stuff mushy – you can also put your glass jar in the microwave for a minute and soften things  up or melt it but please use caution and make sure the oil will not burn! Pinkie finger into the jar is the best way to gauge heat.

And this blog wouldn’t be complete without my list of precautions:

– We covered heating the oil and using it, make sure it does not burn your lovely partner

– Keep towel around to wipe hands off immediately, though you should not be answering the phone anyway but some of you have kids and you don’t want to drop them because you were oiled

– Your feet are going to be slick as well so before you run off to shower or get up for a drink, think of placing some socks in reach of the bed – it would be embarrassing to call for help because you slipped and fell

–  Enjoy the oil, sit and rest a while with your partner and let it absorb into your body, I bet you will enjoy it and use it again even if there was no massage.

– If you run out of lube you can use this safely

– Absorbs into the skin so reapply as often as you like and if using as a lube for anal or with condoms

If you are prone to infections from glycerine this is a nice alternative but with anything once you try it pay close attention and see how you react – so far I have not experienced anything other than a smooth silky feeling but I am not prone to such outbreaks.

5 comments on “Slippery Sex: make your own lube

  1. secondchance262 says:

    Not only did I learn something new but I learned it while thinking about sex. Thank you for this lesson in lubrication. I love coconut lotion so I know I would live the coconut oil. I might have to try it.

  2. tispersonal says:

    Great on the hair too! xoxo

  3. You might also try Albolene face cleanser as it doesn’t get yucky and people have used it for years before all of the sex lubes came out. It’s especially good for anal. When you buy it at Walgreens you don’t have to put on a disguise and your raincoat as the sales person will just comment on how clear your face is. 🙂

    • Pyx says:

      My only concern with Albolene is that it does have petrolanum (petroleum) mineral oil which contains high alkanes.

      As a rule we like to stay clear of petroleum based anything when it comes to inserting things into the body.

  4. Sexy1 says:

    The only thing that is not addressed in this post is the contamination factor of the Coconut oil. With all oil, contamination is a big deal. Going from your feet to your vag is probably not a great idea, and if you are using the same jar or oil over and over with your fingers, a yeast infection may not be too far away.

    The way I get around this is I bought a few round ice trays, heated up the coconut oil, and poured it into the ice trays. Then I put them in the freezer for a couple hours. From there they went directly into the frig. If we are planning a wet night of sex, I grab a few coconut balls and put them in a shallow container and use them. This way I do not risk contaminating the rest. So far, this has worked very well.

    If you are washing the ice trays, don’t use too much soap. If soap gets left in the trays and you make some more coconut oil ice, then you will both feel the sting.

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