Things around here are always strange

zombie armour

Zombie Armour by D – Pyx picture 2013

Halloween is the official holiday of the Chateau. I like watching people dress up and having fun, most of all I like the costumes people make themselves because it tells me a something about their character. I have never owned a store bought costume and though I can understand the naughty nurse and slutty kitty has their appeal somehow those costumes seem less creative and I often overlook the people wearing them.

457049.1799.big.gifAround here we do not let loose once a year, we do not need to dress up in order to misbehave or have an excuse to drink or eat in excess; if that is what we want to do then we do it! We encourage people to have fun all year long and things can seem silly to an outsider but we don’t care. This place, the house, has its own appeal and the people that visit should feel they have stepped into a house that has its own character and expresses itself as something distinctive.

In the middle of nowhere where the nights are darkest and the stars are most brilliant we live by the fire.  In the large elm tree a big horned owl sings a lonely love song and just under the tree Memphis Memphis the albino forages for food hoping to not become a meal herself.

Pyx picture 2010

Pyx picture 2010

Somewhere off in the distance coyotes scream and if you sit very still you can hear their numbers are strong. And in a few more minutes you can hear their whining closer to the house as they move in the tree line and you realize they are everywhere.

Pyx picture 2012

Pyx picture 2012

Something is huffing and moving in the dark just out of sight of the fire. Sometimes you are fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of him: old majestic buck with massive horns that he wears like a crown. He has not been dethroned in ten years and we are more afraid of him than he is of us but he always lets you know he is there and you are bothering him and his ladies.

Under the pear tree is a fox bouncing in the air to catch moths; she too makes the most delightful noises and is very comical to watch; like a child playing by itself without a care in the world. Stalking after dusk is Lynx Rufus Rufus a rare sight indeed and though he possess no harm to a human being you know he is there, somewhere. You begin to realize how wild this place is and the forces that created folklore.


Fireplace pyx picture 2012

Inside is a fire that is inviting and warm and changes the whole feel of the house, the fire keeps you safe from the wilderness outside but inside is a different kind of wild. At first glance it is like any other home, pictures adorn the wall of places we have been, the people we love and images of those whom are now gone. Oil lamps and candles might add to the charm of the Chateau but it is clear they are used and not just for decoration. One can almost overlook the modern amenities for the art on the wall, the collection of hand knit blankets and the plants; they have a purpose and most are medicinal.

Modern and old do find a way to coexist here.

However if you look closely you will find subtle clues that are carefully placed

Pyx picture 2012

Pyx picture 2012

amongst the everyday things on shelves or in plain sight.   The restraints are real and not just decoration. The whips, crops, leather collars and cuffs are never hidden under the bed out of sight because we have no need to hide them nor the desire. The masks, corsets, heels and boots are like any other wardrobe and carefully hung in the walk in closet with the rest of our clothing.

Some things are simply pretty enough leave out and if my husband made it for me I show it off with pride.  A roll of shiny black bondage tape sits on the bookshelf and you could almost miss it if you didn’t start making a game of spotting the gear. If you were to peek in the bathroom medicine cabinet you would find lubricants and a myriad of aids – the bottom drawer is filled with toys and accessories: that is where I keep the nipple tassels.

Pyx picture 2013

Pyx picture 2013

These are not toys for me; I do not box them up and put them away only to become things I have collected. Like pen, paper, scissors and books they are tools and I know where everything is, they all have their place here and they allow me to be myself. It is unfortunate to have to plan fun but in this house we are free to be that all year long.

In July we might make a game of water balloons and bullseye t-shirt. It is not uncommon for me to be practicing a seductive dance with my fan or wearing something comical to get a laugh out of my husband. D made me zombie armour just because he wanted and I perfected my blood recipe.

pyx picture 2011

pyx picture 2011

Every day is Halloween at the Chateau.

5 comments on “Things around here are always strange

  1. tispersonal says:

    You really do write the best posts and I have to say I am a wee bit jealous that you are able to be so open. I’d love to be able to display the toys in the open maybe in a class curio cabinet as if they were cherished possessions. Somehow, I don’t think that would go over well with my kids, friend’s parents. lol

    And your costumes; love’em. I love making handmade costumes; I never do it for myself, always for the kids. Actually now that they are older, they do it themselves and occasionally ask me for my help. As in, “Mom, can you take me to the store for supplies? Mom, can I re-purpose these jeans? Mom, the sewing machine isn’t working”.

    And Pyx, you are one sexy woman. For some reason, I see these pics of you and it makes me want to meow and purr. Maybe, that’s because it is now Halloween. Hmmm
    Happy Halloween!

    • Pyx says:

      Yes well let me tell you that if I did have kids and their parents over I would be more likely to hide a few things but then I look around and think ‘those leather straps just look like a rustic part of the cottage feel my house has’ hehehe if only they knew…

      Love kids that are into doing stuff like this – I was always really impressed with my nieces because they loved nothing more than putting their costume together and then getting their friends to make their own. ‘Sewing machine isnt working’ boy ive heard that one soooooooooo many times but then think how many people don’t even hear that anymore. Some kids rock!

      I hope you all had a happy Halloween – purring and meowing is nice. *wink

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