Geek sex dream

PC: somehow I think the Venn diagram of bring beer and don’t talk looks almost like one circle

Pyx: yes a pizza circle! Ooh delivery boys *drool

PC: you’re hotter because I can say Venn diagram without explaining myself

Pyx: stop. you’re making me blush.

PC painfully laughed his way through an episode of South Park, he is still sick, and messaged me that I should watch it – so off to comedy central I went. I watched. I laughed. It was a great animated commentary of the current state of affairs in American: the NSA, DMV confessionals and Jehovah Witnesses.

I managed to get to bed around 0400hrs and had a dream filled with water and wind and I know that is because outside it was raining and windy; poor little trick-or-treaters will not get to go out in this weather. I do not ever recall a Halloween being postponed when I was a kid; we went out rain or snow!

However this dream did have my boyfriend in it but alas once again it was not a sex dream. I wish I could have a really good sex dream just so I can say I did. I am pretty convinced that because throughout the day I read about sex or think about sex I am without option to dream of it – but what if because I don’t dream of sex it is the reason for my thinking of it often during the day? Humm.

Photo Eric Nguyen 2004

Photo Eric Nguyen 2004

I was on a homemade roller coaster that used plastic John boats and an abundance of water to make the ride more fun. I had butterflies in my stomach at one point and with sheer delight screamed ‘faster! Faster’ and that was when I noticed my ex father in common law (?), the Evangelical, in the John boat ahead of mine. My little boat picked up some speed, took a leap in the air and tilted to one side when I noticed the creator of the ride wittily buried a shark fin in the dirt “look we just jumped the shark” I laughed to PC who was seated behind me.

My boat slowed down and the water was deeper in this particular spot so I decided to debark – wading waist deep in clear blue water when I noticed there were seals swimming around. I put my hand under the water to pet one and wouldn’t you know it, they weren’t seals they were beavers! I was so overjoyed with holding my nations symbolic animal in hand I gave it a zurbert on its furry belly but I lost my shoes – or the beavers stole my shoes.

PC led me out of the pool and because I was all wet took me into some little thrift store nearby. This thrift store only sold knit sweater and some really ugly shoes, however I noticed the sweaters were not worn at all they were all ‘new’ and I was sure they had a room in the back where a team of grandmothers were forced to knit for their lives. I grabbed a pair of ugly 80’s boots and left quickly.

Now outside of a house I am trying to get my huge foot into this ugly boot when all of a sudden the sky turns black, the wind picks up and I my toes have made it past the ankle of the boot – when a tornado appears. PC attempts to grab me but my foot is half in and half out of this boot but I don’t want to get sucked up into a vortex of debris so I pretty much jump through an open door. He comes through right behind me and I slam the door shut. The tornado is now up against the door and shatters it to pieces and I close my eyes tight as to not get glass or wood in them but we both end up being blown backwards and down a flight of stairs. The tornado is gone and I open my eyes, on my back feet up on the stairs and notice the stupid 80’s boot still stuck on my foot.

PC offers to help me up but I insist on him pulling the fucking boot off first. He then goes over to a little white monitor and begins to bang away at the computer keys. “What is that?” I asked. “A year ago the national weather service asked if I would like to be a part of their weather and kids programme and I said yes” he said earnestly. My fingers clutched themselves around the leather boot so tightly the leather made a noise. “But [redacted] you are not a child you are a grown man” nervously waiting to find out that my boyfriend is in fact twelve.

“I was just supposed to give local kids tech support and you know how kids are – a week later I am doing all the data collecting myself. I like it, it’s great!” he smiles and begins to actually explain to me the different data he has collected. I am clearly fascinated and asked if he has any local data on atmospheric optics. He does and turns on a small TV and shows me the images he has collected.

Excitedly we both begin to sift through the collected information and images of the tornado that just tried to kill me, I mean tried to kill us. We then get on to the topic of space weather and for the rest of my dream we talk geek.

Maybe this was a geek’s sex dream?

7 comments on “Geek sex dream

  1. G says:

    Wow, pretty cool and detailed dream. Do you always remember them so vividly? I agree about the sex part, when the day is spent thinking about it I don’t think it leaves anything latent for our mind to pour out while we sleep.

    • Pyx says:

      Yes, always. It might be a cultural thing – I was raised with women who believed … in dreams and that I was special? So at an early age I was taught how best to remember them. (you know this makes me sound stranger than I am right?)

      Do I believe in that stuff? I know when I write them out like this it has to do with someone (PC) a show I watched (South Park) with religious undertones (My ex’s father) but I did just get my power back on and ass out of the closet because of a tornado warning and some rather scary weather… (there were two tornadoes south of here).

      Why did I put socks and shoes and a sweater on and go into the closet in the first place? Because I was sitting by the candle playing my game boy till I realized – oh fuck there was a tornado in my dream last night – and I scared the poop out of myself.

      I did learn something tonight though. I need a battery operated radio and that was not in my dream.

      I take it this means you do not remember yours?

      • G says:

        Sometimes I do remember my dreams, and this makes you even more interesting, not strange at all (but who am I to say?)

      • Pyx says:

        Yes I dont like to talk about such things much – I was the one that entered a room and people stopped talking. Weird things adults do around kids they dont realize we pick up on.

        I have a theory about those ‘leaving the body’ experiences – people have when they “died” because I am pretty sure the light they are trying to walk into is really the hospital lights on the ceiling.

        The brain is rather fascinating. I just want to have sex dreams, a good one, not one with the lead singer of Korn *see other comment for further explanation.

      • G says:

        Oops, I posted too soon. I would like to learn to remember my dreams if possible.

      • Pyx says:

        You are too cute! Usually making me laugh…
        well my grandmother made me keep a diary of sorts at first, beside the bed so i did not need to get out of bed.

        This is difficult if you have kids, are woken up in the middle of REM cycle or wake up to an alarm: I seem to naturally wake up before my alarm because I don’t like them.

        First thing after waking up is sitting still, remember what you can: jon boat, roller coaster, water, beavers, tornado, boots and then when you start to write it you fill in the rest.

        no so much about all the little details right away.
        sometimes you have dreams where you wake up and it is all emotional: woke up feeling angry.

        If you wake up in the middle of the night same thing applies – write it down. If you have a nap and dream – write it down.

        Sometimes it will be in the middle of the day and I will remember something from my dream and then the whole dream seems more complete: note I did not say make sense.

        over time the emotion and detail work together. I think it is was memory exercises or something she had me doing. I never asked. I did what i was told! lol

        There are some dreams I have in colour and some dreams I have in black and white – the lead singer of Korn is usually trying to kill me in most of them and I have no idea why. I do have the same dream often: two – one since I was young and one in the past ten years.

        Honestly I made a game of it to make it more enjoyable for me to omit the ‘spiritual’ stuff the people in my family believe some dreams to be – it is fun to figure out how a tv show or something someone said during the day plays back in the brain.

        That is why I included the chat text with PC – he implied I was as smart as him so the weather watching stuff sort of worked.

        But tonight during the storm you can bet your cute bottom I put both my shoes on FIRST, before going into the closet and closing the door. LOL

  2. The Hook says:

    Well done, Pyx.
    You are a wonderful dream weaver.

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