Haematoma and me

I had run into the corner of the table pretty hard and hit the side of my thigh. Yes I did this for about three minutes:

It did not take long for the area to swell up rock hard and become so sensitive that the material of pants caused me discomfort but that did not stop me from poking at it. Every time I pressed my finger into the bruise I said ‘oww’ and my husband once again asked ‘just what the fuck is wrong with you?’ not out of concern for the bruise but a woman that would poke at an injury.

“It hurts but I kinda like it” I said with a smile on my face followed with “oww”

“Jesus mouse you are one sick creature” he said.

Later in bed we began our ritualistic before sex petting. I love the way he sucks and pinches on my nipples, I usually hold him in my hand while he does so I can feel him get hard.  “I haven’t fucked you since the bookstore” he said. I couldn’t remember and really don’t care either way since I am about to have sex so I agreed “no you haven’t”.

He knelt between my legs and pushed my knees further apart and started teasing me “and you were supposed to be having all kinds of sex this weekend” I closed my knees in protest but I was being playful about it “yes I was” I said through clenched teeth. He pressed himself up against me and as he was about to enter his hand brushed my bruise. “oww watch the haematoma!” I said.

“Oh but I thought you liked it” he said brushing past it again.

“Not when you do it!” and I moved my leg out of his way but he grabbed onto it again but this time his cock was inside me and I was momentarily taken with that feeling over the pain of my leg. “What a great pussy you have” he whispered. I was fully prepared for us to get down to business but he kept touching my bruise.

It became a fucked up little game while having sex: he would fuck me, try and touch it and I would fuck him back harder and try to move my leg out of the way. “I can feel your pussy get hotter every time I touch it” he said. I wasn’t all that surprised sex mixed with pain leaves me feeling euphoric.

I can tell when he is close, his cock gets rock hard so I asked him to ‘do it harder’ and he naturally seemed to pound into me harder but that was not what I meant ‘no not your cock; press into my bruise like you were before’ and without so much as a word he obliged.

One comment on “Haematoma and me

  1. The Hook says:

    You make the most of every situation, don’t you, Pyx?

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