No Shave November and Movember


I love a nice beard.

Surprised that my husband has agreed to not shave for the month of November along with other male colleagues. My husband was in the Army and has never abandoned the personal grooming standard .

I have asked him before he would grow one but he said it was uncomfortable so you can be sure I am completely supportive of him growing one this month! In fact I told him that if he grew one so close to the end of the year it was bad luck to shave it off before the new year began.

Movember is male health awareness month: including prostate and testicular cancers and mental health.

No Shave November seems to be something else entirely but I think both are fun and something for the men to do together.

Now if his colleagues could just convince him of the benefits to prostate milking…

Happy Bearding guys!



Pride Kills People Too: my entry on my husband’s health issues in the past and how it effected our sex life and our relationship.

10 comments on “No Shave November and Movember

  1. secondchance262 says:

    I am a Movember member. I have had facial hair since getting out of the military. I did a couple of time shave clean but always went back to growing a beard. I prefer it to an unshaven face. All men need to do it as well as get themselves checked out. Thanks for posting this.

    • Pyx says:

      So we both know who the guys IN the military are with beards… I certainly understand the grooming standard but there are more than a few things my husband still does Army and I don’t mind them, in fact I think they are kind of endearing: he stands up eating at the counter (slowly getting better at this but I had to compromise eating at the table for tv dinner trays) but he is honest about his reasoning.

      He actually messaged me and asked if he should grow a beard – I said YES!!! Those nurses can get him to consider almost anything… well not so much the male nurses.

      And your wife is the lovely Tis’Personal correct? Which would explain her fondness for beards as well (in my previous entry I used a photo of a guy with a beard) I have to say I think you are pretty outstanding yourself – I know you find yourself in good Movember company!

      I think we ladies can also play an important role in being a lot more understanding of male mental health issues and of course medical as well – for my husband it was terribly difficult to admit he needed help, let alone accept it. Add to that the realization of age … my entry about his health is a good example of that, I was angry but I just had to change how I approach him when it comes to his health: “it’s time for your check up scumbag” *teasing.

      • secondchance262 says:

        The only things that I still do from my military days are my punctuality (have to be at least 15 minutes early for everything) and the way that I fold my undershirts (don’t ask me why either). That’s about all I took from there that I still use.

        You would be correct, Tis’ Personal is my beautiful wife. She is very fond of my facial hair and it’s a good thing because I like it too. Thank you for the compliment, Tis’ brings out the best in me.

        I am all too familiar with my mental health and where I stand. Unfortunately I have cancer that runs in my family and so I know the importance of getting checked. I do my self checks and I have a physical once a year. I am more conscience of my health now than I was when I was younger. Tis’ asks about my health only because she cares and I love her for that. Not only can women play an important roll in a man’s health but they can support them if an issue arises.

      • Pyx says:

        15 Minutes? 15 minutes!!! (mumbles about leaving the house hours early for the airport)

        I once asked D to take me out to the lake on a beautiful summer’s day – I had just moved here and had not yet been… WE HAD TO DO RECON OF THE WHOLE LAKE IN ONE DAY WITH A MAP of course before he would take me swimming. *I am sure you can FEEL the look on my face. Though I will say he is always early and never late.

        Well we do ask because we care and certainly with a family history it is very important – she certainly does possess some beauty, the compliment was my pleasure I assure you.

  2. tispersonal says:

    Don’t let him fool you Pyx, he is still anal about his tools, almost to the point of being OCD. And correct me if I’m wrong babe, but I’m pretty sure I remember seeing you shine some boots a few months back. No one does that in 115 degree weather unless you were in the service. lol

    Thank you both for the nice words and guess what Pyx? I just asked him if he will grow it out without shaving at all (he usually keeps it clean and trimmed) for the entire month and then let me take a picture and post it. To which he has agreed. Yay!

    • Pyx says:

      He doesn’t fool me, they don’t even realize how Army they still are sometimes *teasing. You both seem perfectly charming!

      Oh – I am certainly going to ask D if I can post his. I am curious to see what my husband’s facial hair will look like. I do like the idea of a good ole fashion wild west type beard *roarrrr. Man I cannot wait to get my fingers in it.

      Then if I am truly fortunate I get to try and talk him into letting me do a straight razor shave… bwahaha. Actually it used to be my specialty. I have some odd fetishes.

      • tispersonal says:

        B was actually Navy, but once a military man always a military man.

        And I can’t even believe you would attempt a straight razor cut, that’s brave to me. One of the guys I work with is retired Army and he gives himself straight razor shaves. He has the softest baby skin I have ever felt on a man. (yes honey, I go around caressing men’s faces at work) He is obsessed with shaving and the different kinds of razors, he spends thousands of dollars on them and has them professionally sharpened overseas. I think it has become an obsession for him.

      • Pyx says:

        I even used to make my ex his own shaving soap – with tallow (yes I render my own) he was very serious about it too. However he did do his whole head but he was fun, he used to let me sculpt his facial hair all the time.I once got a nice set of mutton chops going.. wow they were so kick ass!

        I was lucky and learned from a little European man – the last barber shop in town – because he was going to have to stop offering the service (something about health and safety reasons) … but I got to do the whole hot towel, badger fur brush… oh it is a great fetish. Your friend at worked picked a nice one, I mean you can really serious about that stuff.

        D was Air Assault – 101st Airborne and yes regardless of where they served, they served, and I find it terribly honourable. Says something about their qualities and makes loving them a bit more complicated at times but worth it (D isnt so bad with the nightmares anymore). They are great team players tho and always up for a challenge and dare I say wonderfully handy around the house!

        Did you get out to sketch today? we do art the guys grow beards… LOL

      • 'Tis says:

        I did not sketch yesterday, but I did open up the supplies and get them ready for today. I visually played with a couple ideas, but I’m still undecided. I’m hopeful that today after my coffee and reading to get started.

        That was funny, we do art they grow beards. lol

  3. The Hook says:

    Good luck to the hubby – and to everyone engaging in Movember!

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