I did her my way

“I have come home all week to other men in the house and now it is my turn to fuck you”

I am not sure what other men he is referring too but I let go of the need to correct him and let him hold my hands down above my head. He felt very warm and soft against my skin and his kisses were so sweet I could have mistaken them for a lullaby and fallen asleep.

“I love how wet your pussy gets when you are ready to be fucked but then you are always ready to fuck aren’t you” he teased my nipple as he continued his cock was hard and just resting over my opening “Some women are just made to fuck and you are most definitely made for that”

“Yes and I do love to fuck” I said as I tried to move my leg up around his waist.

Instead it was met with force and my other leg was pulled up at the same time so both my knees were carefully tucked in under his arm pits “not tonight. Tonight I am going to fuck you the way I want to fuck you”

And that he did.


8 comments on “I did her my way

  1. G says:

    You tease so well!

  2. 'Tis says:

    LOVE!!! That’s what talking about! 🙂

  3. The Hook says:

    Welcome home, indeed!

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