With your hands around my throat


There was the pleasurable mixture of relief and lust; he was finally here inside me and I wanted more.

I love his hands.

I rested myself over him and watched as his hands held both of my breasts, the sight alone was enough to make me cum but he forced it along by sucking and licking at my nipples. Actually he had me cum twice in my pants by doing just that.

There are moments where I keep my eyes open to watch his hands; I pull my head back to get a view of how he holds himself and strokes his cock. There are other times I like to look because I want the visual memory of his hands on me; be it the way he slides them along my thigh or the times he simply reaches over to touch me while we sit together.

I had taken my place back on top on of him, this time naked and filled with his cock. He hands moved out of view lightly touching my neck and I had thought I felt a twitch of something before they fell away. I reached down and took them both in my hands and placed them back around my throat and without a word he pressed them around me evenly. His thumbs firmly pushed up towards my mylohyoideus and I began to feel that pleasurable feeling of power.

I could feel my pulse throbbing under his fingers and I fucked him harder.

I could hear my heart beat in my ears as they began to burn and I fucked him harder.

And just as my thighs began to shake uncontrollably he tightened his grip, my breathing was forced any sounds my mouth attempted to make were muffled and I felt suspended there, being held up simply by his hands around my throat, as I came.

There was a strange sensation of being impressed with him for doing it and doing it well I was not entirely sure it was something he would enjoy but fuck if I am going to questions the fact that he did it for me. My throat was free to take in a deep breath of air and the light headed sensation began to diminish when I felt I wanted more.

I was happy. I felt wonderful as we both just laid there on the bed. I remembered the night we spent at his place and right before he fell into a deep sleep his hand had just rested for a moment on my neck. It was not so strange to replay the moment I had also just experience because I have come to crave the way he is tender with such strength.

I touched myself and slipped two fingers through the wet mess he left between my legs and as I brought myself to another two orgasms as he rested his hand, hot and gentle, on my throat.

3 comments on “With your hands around my throat

  1. 'Tis says:

    I agree kdaddy! now if you will excuse me. 🙂

  2. mrmodigliani says:

    That is damn fucking hot

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