Penis pictures defined by D

This is NOT D’s Penis


D is my husband and today we were talking about cock shots. D says:

Girls don’t get cock shots, it is quid pro quo: they are sending you a picture of what they want to see.

They want to see nudity.

I give you something you give me something.

Guys, throughout our culture, the male vs female view of the quid pro quo is different: guys are attempting to make a trade and this is why it can seem they are foam at the mouth about sex.

Ever see how a woman tips? Guys just throw down twenty bucks but a woman calculates 15 percent.

It is not that the twenty bucks was not important, it is not that we necessarily have extra, but in the male brain it is a mark of largess and conspicuous consumption.

Girls are bargainers guys are traders

Guys don’t understand it, to us frugality means you are unsuccessful.

Like penis pictures, you do not want to not hand them out because it means you don’t have something to trade with.

We do not see a difference between men and women; we trade with women as if we are trading with another man. We don’t understand that women expect themselves and others to drive the hardest bargain possible.

Because what is the difference? If you keep your face out of it, if you send me a tittie pic, it could be anyone tits, there are no tittie identification data bases or sites or tittie police but I tell ya it is not happening most of the time.

Girls don’t get anonymous cock.

Guys love anonymous titties.

And what women interpret as pushy is really a guy brain who believes he is not being treated fairly, equitably in a trade.

We don’t understand the emotional attachment girls put on sending a guy tittie pic. As if sending one now she’s emotionally trashed forever because she sent some guy her tits… we just don’t get that.

Women will text you back and forth about sex, graphic about wanting to do this and that, but will she ever send you a picture of that cooch? Oh no! She is willing and wants to show you how her mind works but to show you an inch of fuking skin… no that’s different.

and we guys just don’t get the difference.

8 comments on “Penis pictures defined by D

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    I believe some women call it “not giving away the farm” or “keeping that air of mystery about them” – but, yeah, this sounds familiar to me, Maybe D wasn’t thinking about it but women both hate getting cock shots… just as much as they like getting them.

    Crazy, beautifully insane creatures…

    • Pyx says:

      I have my daily morning routine of which he is often subject too and this includes checking my email from this blog and lightly reading CL. I like the ads they make me laugh.

      We often get into very fun serious talks about how things are, appear to be and of course the differences between male and female … traits.

      He does make me laugh tho!

  2. rougedmount says:

    This made me crack up when I read it…i mean laugh out loud, smirk on my face for 10 minutes afterwards, laugh. I have so many men send me pictures of their equipment that I have seriously considered starting a separate blog for the photo compilations. This is a delightful explanation that they just aren’t exhibitionists. But I do really want to stress to some men…I know you love your cock and thinks it’s magically delicious and wonderfully magic, but remember, yours isn’t the only one I am seeing and I am going to compare.

    • Pyx says:

      Perhaps we ladies should have a cock shot dump blog. I mean some of them are so bad – that I do not even notice the cock.

      He does make me laugh, I like that he doesnt tip toe around the fact that yes we girls are sometimes more complex and do not need to be but given we are of a particular age I am not convinced our brains are all up for this ‘unknown’ rules of negotiation.

      And I will admit I blushed a little when he went on about tipping – sometimes I do calculate but for the most part I do so be reasonable and over tip. I might have to leave him to do this from now on just on principle!

  3. 'Tis says:

    your husband is a hoot! hahaha

  4. Pyx says:

    Oh you have no idea. I should have cameras running through this place because he has the whole face and body going on at the same time he is explaining to me what is wrong women! So of course after this I asked him for a penis picture – he declined LOL

  5. N. Likes says:

    I’m not sure I agree with this.

    My experience – and I’m a man – is that while I certainly like breasts, whether I can see the face above them or know the person behind them, I am much more likely to get hard when looking at the breasts of someone I know.

    And I like the subtle. I’d much rather see breasts in a bra, or peeking out of a shirt, or pressing against a sweater, or cupped in hands, than arched toward a camera nude.

    Girl On The Net – one of my favorite bloggers – used to have the e-mail address “,” so much did she enjoy getting cock shots.


    • Pyx says:

      I can certainly appreciate and accept your perspective – I like to include my husband’s way of thinking in my blog because for a lot of women men are not as crude or honest like he is, and it is one of the things I love about him.

      it is his view on cockshots – not my own.

      I have met a few women that can appreciate a good cock shot and I have admired before that they do serve a purpose for us ladies.

      However like you, I tend to prefer the subtlety in sexual presentation and the joy of unwrapping it in person….

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