Taking sexual pictures


Tell me you wouldn’t love to have a picture like this of  yourself!

I sometimes wonder why it is I don’t let a professional come in and try to capture a moment like this because I certainly can not. My husband refers to this as ‘artsy’ and most men would but we women have seen (and been in) the pictures you guys take of us and lets just agree to disagree: men see boobs, we ladies notice our nose is crooked.

Early in my relationship with my husband I let him take pictures of me; outside naked in the snow. I had a great time, he enjoyed taking them and I didn’t much care how they turned out but there was not one that I would consider good. He was more taken with tits and ass – my mouth was open in the middle of saying something in half of them, my eye or eyes were closed in the other half and though he got what he wanted I was sort of bummed none of them were pretty: they were just tits and ass with a lovely snow landscape in the background. Whoopee.

My husband does not let me take pictures of him – I have but he vowed a while ago that there were just some things he no longer wanted to see at his age: himself naked is one. I always found it duplicitous that he continue to ask me to sit for him while denying me the same enjoyment.

Something inside me feels it would be a great justice to have a partner feel the pressure of ‘staying hard’ for a picture, preforming and having a stranger in the room watching them the same way men look at us. I think they too should feel sexually objectified now and again after all if we ladies had pictures like this of our men – you bet it would be the wallpaper on my computer, shared with special friends, looked at daily and nothing less than lust inspiring. Hell if it was ‘artsy’ enough I might even frame the thing and hang it up in my walk in closet!

It’s funny how we women are expected to remain playful, adventurous and open to such things when our men are not… this does not register in the male brain as a version pornography because it is lacking something they want to see but I don’t think this picture was intended for the male brain anyhow.

I wonder if PC would let me…I just might have to insist.

5 comments on “Taking sexual pictures

  1. 'Tis says:

    I love when we take pics in the bedroom, whether posing or during the act. But I agree they rarely if at all turn out how I would like them too. Some look better when you change them from color to b&w. For some reason b&w always looks better to me. But I wish the lighting was better, the headboard didn’t look crooked, oh jeez look there is a nightstand covered in butt plugs and dildos, etc… in the background. Where as he might think yeah, but my cock looks great in your ass. lol I’m seeing all the other stuff. haha

    • Pyx says:

      Exactly! We can not turn off the girl brain so I wonder how willing men would be to put up with it if we asked. I mean keep your ‘action’ shots but I would like one where the cat is not on the bed… LOL

      Black and white will appeal to a lot of us when we think art wise – I find the pictures is more about what is going on when colour is removed and I focused on the people if that makes sense.

      • 'Tis says:

        Yes, I think that is exactly what it is with b&w. Less distraction, had not though of that before.

        I actually think B would be up for some glamour cock shots. I had mentioned to him awhile ago that I’d love to have some boudoir type pics done and he seemed excited about me doing it, maybe I can can talk him into taking it to the next level.

  2. sunnysienna says:

    Still laughing at dildos on the night stand and cat in the bed… I’m convinced it is the male/female brain disconnect on this one. I’ll look at pics Michael had shot or sometimes we use the tripod and he’ll say, “I love that one”… And all I’m focused on is a huge bruise glaring at me on my left thigh or some other unattractive blemish. With that said, he’s also captured some beautiful photos where the lighting turned out perfect and shadows are all in the right places! My suggestion have him learn more about lighting and photography… Michael has done this and he has captured some beautiful photos that are fun to look at and sexy as hell! A big turn on to look at after and fun, I sometimes say, “wow that’s us…. We are having an amazing time and look pretty good”!!!!!! Viewing photos or videos of yourselves… Fun forplay! Thanks for sharing!

    • Pyx says:

      Well stated!

      I do believe that if we ladies were ‘easier’ on ourselves such things could be accomplished, I am convinced that once a man takes a picture his woman enjoys he will most certainly try and take more to her liking. It’s great that Michael learned more about photography sounds like there was some pay off…

      It is a big turn on isn’t it – I like having a video we took playing on the tv, I do not find it distracting at all but more like arousal coming at me from two directions.

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