Pyx answers her mail: Sex with Women

Q: What do you look for in a female sexual partner?

A: Depends on her purpose. If she is here by invitation to service my husband or guest then her quality would differ from those of my own personal use. Because I am attracted to women sexually does not mean all women – I like them feminine, confident, I do not mind shy but I am NOT talking a woman into being with me. I like them smart; even if they are in a submissive role and chances are slim I will talk to them I cannot tolerate immaturity or giggly type girls or girls that need to get drunk to fuck. If they are faking it I will kick them out.

When it comes to being with a female I can appreciate them for what they choose to show me, they do not need to be perfect, they do not need to be fully naked but I like them best when they own their desires and fantasies. I adore them most when they are eager to please. I like the way girls smell, the way they feel and the high pitch sound of their voice because my brain is accustomed to a males.

I tend to be dominant in my sexual role and I like mixing a bit of kink with a soft girl touch when I am with a woman: I do sometimes put them on the spot by asking them direct questions but I am a fan of some verbal communication during sex regardless of the gender. I like them to give in to their own curiosity as well; I have no problem handing over the strap on and directing them how best to fuck me – so an adventurous girl is best suited to me- but I am far better being in control.

I like my girls clean, I do like a bit of trimmed pubic hair, completely bald is a turn off for me but I won’t turn away a good fit because of it. I do like a woman that has a flare for making out – lots of kissing, softly to forceful, I like hands that are impatiently wandering and pinching and I like girls that move their whole body when they are ready – I am not into girls that just stay still and let things happen to them. I love being on top, sometimes holding them down and just enjoying boobs against boobs (I like a real bust not into fake tits) and a happy girl is a must.

2 comments on “Pyx answers her mail: Sex with Women

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    I knew there was something else about you I really liked – you know like I know, dontcha?

  2. The Hook says:

    Well said, Pyx.
    Is there anything hotter than watching two beautiful women kiss and enjoy the simple act of being open to one another?

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