Pyx answers her mail: Sexual Positions

Q: what is your favourite sexual position and why.

A: Honestly, I like them all! They, positions, really depend on my sexual partner: this is not a size issue but technique issue. Some men have what I describe as tight hips, they are not flexible in the right places, some men have bad knees and others lack rhythm.

If I had to choose one at the top of my list it would be free standing, bent over at the hip. I am flexible and I love this position when doing yoga so it is easy for me to hold for a period of time. I like my head dangling upside down, the rush of blood but the relaxed feeling I get all down my spine. I like the feeling of hands gripping me by the hip, I love the way my body moves forward with each thrust as I confidently maintain balance. My legs feel strong and I can usually feel his warm body pressed up against them. I like the way my boobs feel, the gravity and again the way they move in this position. I like to think that in this position my partner can get a good view of things from his position – but what I like most is that it can happen anywhere regardless of what I am wearing.

One comment on “Pyx answers her mail: Sexual Positions

  1. The Hook says:

    Its not the position, its the partner that makes all the difference, right, Pyx?

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