Pyx answers her mail: Submissive women

BDSM-practioners-don't feel-pleasure

Q: have you had many women submit to you and did you treat them differently than you did the men that submitted to you.

A: yes I treated them differently they were women! Everyone has their own kink and it is someone rather spectacular that chooses to submit to a woman because often ‘bedroom kink’ has to do with sex, which means a penis, strength as masculine and a guy getting his cock sucked blah blah blah. All of the women that have been in my service in the past were heterosexuals, there might have been a few bisexual females but I didn’t fuck what I beat so it made no difference to me.

You might assume that a woman would want another woman because we are gentle and sweet with each other – we aren’t. Women are harsher with each other because we all have the same working parts we are less likely to accept whimpy’ness. I admire a woman that submits to another woman, it takes some courage – a man doesn’t know what a clit feels like but I do. A man doesn’t know what it feels like to be fucked but I do and I know what it is like to be denied release.

What women do offer each other, where I find men are often lacking, is the talent to turn things into actual service without it being sexual adoration or as I call it ‘the pedestal’. I do not care for her to look upon me as the ‘one’ or that her sexuality and role be defined by her sexual service to me let alone her service to a man. Most of my females in training have been women disillusioned with male Doms they were submissive regardless of being ‘owned’ or having one: they still had needs. It was about building them up, not just in confidence but abilities they did not even know they had – this I believe is the difference.

A man is more likely to request a submissive woman wear heels overlooking the fact that some women do not even know how to walk in them – my training included this, wearing a corset and wearing devices that complimented their service: not every woman can wear a posture collar with pride and grace even if she is submissive. Add heels to that and she becomes the most statuesque thing in the room and her poise, gracefulness is a commentary on MY ability. I would be embarrassed if she fumbled about or was visibly uncomfortable even if I was the only one in the room.

I worked a lot with Asexuals – service varied in duties from public use as a table/lamp or dressed in a particular way to service drinks to guests and was NOT about orgasm. I did have women that while in service where used to entertain me and others – I had them mounted by men for my pleasure because that was how things progressed but as with anything it was about how they saw themselves. I always ensured they left with more than what they walked in with – high protocol training is NOT for everyone but then again I have never liked furry handcuffs anyway.

One comment on “Pyx answers her mail: Submissive women

  1. The Hook says:

    You truly are a modern-day, real-life Wonder Woman.
    Well done.
    The Hook.

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