Pyx answers her mail: bucket list for 2014

Q: Do you have a sexual bucket list for the coming New Year?

A: I have a sexual bucket list that seems to have grown to a sexual tanker size floating thing with its own mass of displacement. I am really more about the who than the what: so it is not so much about just crossing things off the list as it is about a desire to cross them off with particular people. So I will give you a few that come to mind, how is that?

*sex with three or four guys at once: I would like my partner to start off watching and then have the option of joining in so they would make four or five… wow that number grew quickly but my nickname is Messalina after all.

*Speaking of a group of men: I would like an encounter that is more playful than just straight sex. I really enjoy the idea of being blindfolded and having to figure out which cock is mine out of the bunch: making a game of it, hand jobs, blow jobs and a bit of sex and then off with the blindfold to reveal if my choice is correct!

*A complete blowjob: I have only ever once taken a shot in the mouth but before PC moves this is high on my list. My fascination with cum is relatively new and I am particularly fascinated with his though it is a bit terrifying: please Lord no angry dragon.

*mixing sex with my kink: I have never fucked what I beat but I am ready to give it the good ole college try! I think I would like to mix this in with someone younger kind of a twofer. I have not been with someone younger than myself.

*Sex in an adult theatre: NOT an adult book store cubicle type thing but a nice big old theatre with red velvet type seats (more likely to be vinyl I know) but I want the large screen, one big room and a crowd to watch with some tacky old porn playing on stage.

*Have sex with the cam on an actual porn/adult site: I know guys probably hate watching a girl fuck around with a mask on her face but screw it. I have never had cybersex but I like a crowd and putting my cam up on an actual busy site I would imagine the crowd to be a big part of the turn on. I like being a facilitator, I like to put on a show and the idea does turn me on but I cannot see me doing anything sexual alone. Boring…

3 comments on “Pyx answers her mail: bucket list for 2014

  1. sunnysienna says:

    Love it! Yes, Michael and I have always had an ongoing “bucket list”… Take a look on our blog for more 😊. I love your “full blowjob-shot in the mouth” … I would highly recommend it! Yum xo Thanks for sharing your list!

    • Pyx says:

      I am very glad I looked at your blog – what a lovely couple you both seem to be!

      I have issues with velocity, texture and having grown up Roman Catholic – I was the only girl that went all the way because she couldn’t swallow. I am however determined to try…

      I look forward to reading more of what comes out of your bucket. Hot hot hot.

  2. 'Tis says:

    I like the idea of multiple men, but I have to admit in my fantasy it never got above having more than three at a time.

    I’m not sure why, but I was surprised about the bj one. I wouldn’t have figured texture or swallowing to be an issue for you. I have complete faith in you on this one. When I was a young girl I used to practice on different foods. From hot dogs and pop-cycles to cucumbers. Maybe try making love to some food items first, get your tongue and mouth prepared for the different feelings ahead of time. 🙂

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