Pyx answers her mail: the best sex you ever had

Pyx Picture 2013

Pyx Picture 2013

Q: What is the most memorable sexual encounter you have had and why?

A: That is so difficult to answer because I do not just have one. This full body orgasm thing has it’s own entry and it is definitely number 2 on the top five list. This one I have never explained but it is number 4 and remembered for reasons that others would find disturbing but to this day still get me hot to think of. Number 3 would have to be when I lost my virginity because it could not have happened any other way. Number 5 would be the time I had sex in a church but that is simply location…

Number 1 most memorable sexual encounter was with my husband. I had just come back from the desert so homecoming sex was always pretty intense but this one day I was making the bed or something and he came up behind me and pushed me down onto the bed. Now I like the whole rough struggle thing during sex so when he started to put me in some sort of Army death grip, I fought back.

I must have tried to get out of his hold for a good five minutes, neither of us saying a word to each other before I finally gave up – I would have broken my own arm to prove a point – for a little old guy he is pretty nimble and strong but I am strong too.

I was on my right side, my arms were forced above my head but weaved somehow through one of his arms – I could feel his forearm forcing my head down and forward but was unable to free my arms from his. His legs were wrapped around mine so tightly I could not free them either; they were being forced straight from my body and held there…

I could feel his breath on the back of my neck and then the fingers from his free hand were playing with my skin under my shirt. He touched my breasts and pinched at my nipples and then asked me a question – it was personal in nature and sexual. I don’t remember the exact question but knowing myself as I do, it would have taken me a moment to answer. I remember waiting for him to start having sex but it never came…

He held me there and continued to ask me things about my sexual experiences, what I was like as a young girl teasing boys and if I enjoyed teasing them, knowing I was making them hard. And as the questions became more invasive he would play with my flesh harder: he roughly unzipped the zipper of my jeans, he pulled my shirt up to my neck and pull my tits out of my bra, he pinched, flicked and rubbed at my body.

He put his finger inside me and asked me about the first time it ever happened. He asked me about how I used to masturbate – what I used and when I started. He wasn’t just asking for details as much as he was questioning intent – but I answered every question hoping it would be over soon and the sex would start. His face hidden from me and my arms and legs still held by force he brought me to orgasm several times, making me describe the sensation and how much I love cock. He never fucked me; he simply let me go when he was done and went about his day.

3 comments on “Pyx answers her mail: the best sex you ever had

  1. Michael says:

    The description for best sex ever was really hot! A great moment of mind play complimented perfectly by just enough physical stimulation…super hot!

  2. 'Tis says:

    This makes me smile! I’ve had my Best Sex ever most recently and will blog about it after I can finish wrapping my head around what actually happened. Let’s just say my Vagina was no longer defiant. 😀

  3. 'Tis says:

    And BTW, you are gorgeous! I love, love, love your eyes.

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