Football sluts and remote controls

Pyx Picture 2013

Pyx Picture 2013

The drive was nothing short of torture. Sometimes I just want to grab onto the steering wheel, pull us over to the side of the road, throw back the driver’s seat and fuck him without so much as a care while the rest of the world drives by.

I was anxious about seeing him again but he manages to impress me not only with his patience but the way he chose to handle me: he had given me a task to complete before he arrived for no other reason than to occupy my mind because he knew I was nervous.

When I heard his voice actually say he missed me I had pretty much coiled myself around his little finger but when he admitted my sex toy hunt was nothing more than a distraction my heart actually skipped a beat. He is deviously brilliant and that is just one of many things I love about him. Well executed and it worked though I felt a bit outsmarted he deserves the victory but that just makes him more attractive to me.

The hotel room was fine (I am very serious when I say I would fuck the guy in a raw mud hut so who the hell cares what colour the walls and bedspread are) I was concentrating on fighting the urge to skip our dinner plans and just consume him whole. He finally got his black ties and I let him try out the blindfold quickly – I can’t remember the last time or if ever I let someone blindfold me but it was becoming terribly difficult to want to leave the hotel room – I almost came at the last sight of his hands so close to my face. I could have kissed him for an age, he smelled good like guys sometimes do and he felt even better but if this went on any longer I wouldn’t get to give him his birthday present.

I had my own ideas for the evening and they were dependent on us being out in public. The little breakfast table proved to be more of an obstacle than I had anticipated – I wanted to slid myself on top of its surface, ask him to sit in the chair and then remove all my clothing and have him watch as I touched myself … but back to my plan.

Insert little remote control vibrator: literally. I had never used it, it has been with me for almost seven years and since it was PC’s birthday I thought it might prove to be a fun idea. I excused myself to the restroom, inserted the vibrator (made sure all the batteries and remote worked before hand) and was very insistent we leave immediately for fear it overpowered my self-discipline.

He was unaware of the vibrator.

The restaurant was my choice but it had to be someplace we had not been before – easy – Mongolian Grill it is! He had never been so that was a nice bonus but of course you are required to walk up to the food and then walk over to the grill, stand there while they cook it and then walk back to your table. I have a strange little device shoved up my already very wet pussy so every time I took a step I could feel it rubbing hot against me. I would say by the time they were done cooking my dinner I was ready to invade Russia myself.

I let him finish his first plate of food before I handed him his card.

I am not a great shopper and I prefer to make things for the people I like. I also have the memory of an elephant. PC and I had a wonderfully strange conversation once and anyone that knows me knows I have issues with the word SLUT but he takes extra pleasure in slipping in the word when he can (to date he is the ONLY man to use this word, once, during sex with me and still lives). During that conversation he had mentioned (torturing me) my sitting in a restaurant with the word slut on a tshirt and though it was a playful conversation it came to mind when trying to come up with a gift idea. I hope he knows how I feel about him and this was certainly a massive step for me but I had cast aside all self-image concerns for him.

NO I did not wear a tshirt with the word slut on it, are you fucking crazy!!!

The card read:

Somewhere on my body I have written a four letter word,

Lust is not it.

Ultimately it is not hidden where you would think,

Though should you find it, for you I will gladly say it.

The look on his face is forever burned into my memory and will be masturbation fodder for years to come, not only did he smile that devious smile that is reserved for the moment I start to speak in tongue after an orgasm but he blushed and his pupils went as big as quarters. A flash of pure energy shot through my crotch and I thought it might provoke the vibrator to turn itself on or melt the batteries.

I then handed him the remote control to the vibrator.

There was a moment of great technical fascination on his face and he looked over the device in his hand and then turned it on only to shoot a glance towards me to see what its effects were. I have no idea what was on my face but in a restaurant full of people the only thing I could do was laugh nervously as it began to move inside my body. He smiled a whole new smile and I considered what it was I had just done to myself – it is one thing to let guys try this crap on us but this was my idea – and he playfully clicked through the different vibrating cycles and I shifted in my seat trying hard not to cum.

Thankfully we agreed on a few rules: do not turn on vibrator while Pyx is about to drink beer or while she is talking to a waiter for fear of orgasmic outburst of vulgarity.

Off to watch the football game – the car ride to the sports bar was pretty intense, the vibrator was hitting a whole new spot because my posture had changed and the way he kept pressing the buttons casually as he spoke was pretty hot. I had my first orgasm and working up to my second before we even got out of the car. My first American football experience and I had done rather well with the score but chosen the wrong team (I could not cheer against big Ohio cock).

He was very patient, answered all my questions without being condescending and I was of course the whole time being subjected to a great series of vibrating pulses that seemed to be getting more intense. He excused himself to go out and have a smoke while I finished the last of my beer and the bastard turned to me, smiled, and clicked on the vibrator and walked out.

Yeah nothing more disturbing than a woman sitting in a booth by herself blushing and laughing – but I had three orgasms at the sports bar and was worried about the potential of long term conditioning effects that could bring on an orgasm the next time I see football players in tight pants. Then I had a bigger issue to worry about; it felt as though I soaked through my jeans and I still had to walk out of the restaurant past other people. Yes of course that was when he turned it back on the beautiful bastard he is!

Finally we were on our way back to the hotel room…

*footnote: really really really wet underwear in cold weather is a whole strange sensation onto itself because body heat does not allow the material to freeze solid but it is not entirely resistant from the effect of temperature. Move carefully with great deliberation.

10 comments on “Football sluts and remote controls

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    If only I could have been there to watch you go through the evening; even better, I would have liked to have the remote for that vibrator…

    • Pyx says:

      Having an orgasm in public, that is forced, with a guy at the controls that was is aware of it and knows exactly how to make it happen …was pretty fucking hot!

      In retrospect I am glad we didn’t go bowling.

      I would let you have a turn at the controls…

      • kdaddy23 says:

        And I would have had a field day at your expense, darling, and more so if that puppy had variable speeds! I did note that you saw something worthy of getting you to masturbate – that look on PC’s face before you gave him the remote; I was impressed since that’s something you’re not know to indulge in…

      • Pyx says:

        The remote has ten different vibration cycles/speeds on it – I will include a review of this shortly – all different rhythms and intensity. It is a great little device and for being wireless (inserted) worked very well.

        I know – I am in a position where masturbating to that memory is all I have … and it was the first thing I did when I was home alone… but that look, not even a picture could have captured it accurately because there seemed to be some emotion behind it… and using the S word was fucking worth it just to see it.

        It will certainly inspire masturbation, I mean it was the face I saw before I went to sleep, it was the face I saw writing this entry – it is rare I get to witness such a look and I am turned on all over again.


  2. 'Tis says:

    O.M.Goodness!!!! That is seriously hot. I have to say I can’t wait for the toy review. I almost bought one once to give to B to use why we were in Vegas but chickened out because of how loud the damn thing seemed to be.
    I often wondered about it though.
    Cold wet panties has also peeked my interest, don’t ask me why but my mind is now hung up on thoughts of them.

    • Pyx says:

      Yes that is coming up this whole date night thing has required more than a few breaks from writing if you know what I mean – it is cold enough outside that I didnt need to take a shower!

      I think you two would enjoy this toy a lot, I see you both as a very sexually playful couple and will certainly put all your reservations to rest with my review and explain which ones to stay away from…so tell B not to order one yet!

      Fuck it was like an ice cube was being held up against my clit – you would think the body heat would not let that happen but my panties were pretty soaked through… I could never do the no panties thing… no way.

  3. mrmodigliani says:

    omg. One should not sit in a meeting and read this post. It will take my cock about an hour to settle back down.

  4. B says:

    I love it. The fact that it was your idea made it even hotter. I would love to see the look on your face as the night went on. Fuck, now my imagination is running wild 🙂

    • Pyx says:

      Oh yes it was my idea and I was so well behaved that I did not use the restroom till we got back to the motel because I didn’t want to deny him the fun but I was tempted a a few times to take it out ‘okay had an orgasm and you used the controls that’s enough now’ but I couldn’t…

      I am pretty sure I looked insane. I blush very easily around him, my eyes were the ‘doe in the head lights’ wide and my lashes are so long they left black … oh it was a mess. We had been talking about bowling and I am glad we didnt do that – I was able to use laughter to hide the orgasms but he knew what was happening and that made the whole thing even hotter.

      I will set you right with one soon – there are a few that I would stay clear from but my review for this toy will be tomorrow… Tis’ would look great at dinner wearing one don’t you think?

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