Why would a nice guy like you want to kill a genius? Feeling pretty good, huh? Why?

Back from watching the football game…

Pyx Picture 2008

Pyx Picture 2008

A quick scan of the motel parking lot proved we pretty much had the place to ourselves, I was thankful because I wasn’t sure how quiet I was going to be able to keep things and you hate to keep nice people up in the next room with noisy offensive sex and I was not sure if PC would survive the night and Pyx rule number three is: leave no witnesses.

The first thing I did was take that fucking wireless remote vibrator out! My underpants were destroyed but having sat through dinner and a football game without control over my own pussy I had had enough. Good intentions be dammed, I didn’t get a chance to change into my heels nor did I make it over to the table, PC blocked me with ties in hand and sat me down in the chair.

For all you guys out there that want to tie up your women I hope you never encounter one like me: I went a bit rigid. I went straight into my head, I was reminding myself to breathe and to just give him what he wanted but it was hard even though I wanted too. I am usually the one tying people up. I have never let anyone bind me let alone tie me to a piece of furniture (save some police cuffs when I was a teenager) and worse I was trying not to be the obnoxious asshole I can be in such circumstances by saying ‘you are doing it all wrong’ because PC is the sort that would have gagged me.

I watched as his long slender fingers unfolded the material and made knots around my ankles. It was almost an outer body experience when he took my right hand and tied it to the arm of the chair. I half expected to burst into flames or yell out ‘it burns us precious’ My forehead felt tense, my ankles couldn’t move and he was now tying my left wrist to my thigh but with enough slack to lift my arm. Oh bloody Mary, Jesus and Joseph! In my gut I knew what was coming and I hated the bindings even more and I instinctively closed my knees tightly together like the good Catholic girl I used to be but to no avail it only encourage my pussy to throb more.

I was so focused on finding a weakness in his knots and planning my escape that it took me a moment to notice he retrieved one more tie – he placed it around my neck and walked behind the chair and tied it so that my head was unable to move forward freely.  That sensation pretty much sent a warm hot comforting feeling through my body even though my brain was screaming no. There was an orgasm right there and no matter what I did I could not get it over with.

I closed my eyes and tried my best to prepare for what was next – whatever the hell was going to be next – because I have survived real danger so why this felt worse I have no idea … then I could feel him standing in front of me. My eye lids felt as though they weighed a ton but I could not bear to not look.  While I struggled against the ties, seriously trying to get enough slack to get out, he kissed me and then stepped back out of reach.

Fuckity fuck fucking fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck no!!!!

With an evil grin he took his cock in his hand and began to stroke it slowly.

My left hand was well out of reach trust me I tried to reach for it like a blind person would the sun for the first time seeing it. I forced my head forward and sure enough that too was forcing me to have to sit and watch but my eyes did not move off the prize. Had I not been good? Had I not planned a perfectly enjoyable evening and made a wonderful gift for him to use on someone else? Why was I being punished? He just stood there stroking that glorious cock I crave so much, teasing me, and enjoying himself.

That was really it; he was happy and that was all I want to be able to do for him but I was about to risk breaking my fucking neck with open mouth to get at his cock.

He finally relented and stepped close enough so I could fill my mouth and then he pulled himself away and started the process of cruelty over again. I was better prepared the second time he offered himself up close enough for me to touch him with my tongue. Thankfully my left hand binding had enough slack to reach around and grab him by the ass to force him deeper down my throat and I almost forgot I was tied to a chair as he slowly fucked my mouth … till he pulled on the neck tie tightly and forced my throat to swallow hard around his cock. And again he pulled away…

There was a text from one of his girlfriends and he is not the sort to usually answer them but it played well into his cruel manner by leaving me there tied, wet and beyond ready: my brain could not come up with an example of pleading/begging so I went with what I know best.  I managed to get my right hand free and I was about to reach down and untie my right ankle but he turned his attention back to me. I was not quick enough to get my wrist back through the binding as though I had not attempted escape and my pathetic shot at an innocent ‘who me? What?’ smile made us both laugh.

I was soon released from the chair of despair but only to find myself blindfolded, a tie still attached to my left wrist and the one around my neck. I was pushed forward onto the bed, my face into the mattress while his hands were tying the neck binding to the wrist… I have no idea what the fuck was going on back there but I love the restriction against my throat. And finally his cock entered me…

I had been wet and having orgasms since the restaurant so things were beyond slick and it felt fucking fantastic to have cock to cum on. Sorry but there is no way my body was going to stop and the fact that I was suffocating only made it a more pleasurable sensation but in that particular position the force at which I was cumming made it difficult to stay in place so naturally I suggested we go over to the large mirror. I stood on my tip toes, bent over onto the counter surface as he pulled up and back on the tie around my neck and he fucked me hard and deep – I was foolish to think the blindfold would come off.

I could sense there was something in front of me (the wall mirror) and at some point I could have removed the blindfold but I was too far gone – I put my hands out to find some support and pushed myself back against his cock – everything from my crotch down to my knees was wet and I could not stop cumming. I don’t have much interest in watching my own face in the mirror; it was his face that I wanted to see while he held tightly onto the strap around my neck…

He managed to get me to the bed without letting me fall and the blindfold finally came off! it doesn’t so much matter who did what to whom but it felt fantastic to be back on top riding his cock. Someone had in fact checked in to the room next to us so I did my best at using my inside voice… but mother fuck if he didn’t have me screaming into a pillow. Four weeks (and an emotional four weeks at that) it felt as though my body and my brain were coming to terms with things I really had not considered and I started saying things I normally wouldn’t say.

I am seriously considering duct taping my own mouth next time however…

In keeping with his birthday theme and my desire to please him I asked him to get up off me and cum in my mouth. What a perfect gentleman he is, he put down a pillow for me to kneel on, but it didn’t much save me from rug burn in the end.

I wish I could tell you I was possessed by some slut deity, that she had taken over my body and I wasn’t actually thinking logically about what I was about to do – and it will more than likely ruin the fantasy I know, sorry guys– but I had to, literally within a few seconds, come to terms with what the fuck I had just said.

Cum in my mouth? Seriously?! He doesn’t exactly pack a small load and he could blow a hole out the back of my head… please god, if there is a god, do not let me throw up my Mongolian noodles or worse have spunk come out of my nose.

“I am pretty much going to follow your lead on this” I said as I knelt there looking up at him, it hurt to say but what the fuck he clearly has more experience cumming in mouths than I do catching so he must know something right? He put his hand around his cock and gave it a nice couple strokes just a couple inches from my nose and that was enough to give me the courage.

I took my time, there was certainly no rush, and I enjoyed the sounds he was making as I licked and sucked at him. He does this thing where he forces just enough precum from his cock and feeds it to me – purrr– thankfully I was already on my knees so they couldn’t give way but I felt the familiar sensation of an orgasm coming on so I opened my mouth, lightly let my tongue rest on my lower lip and looked up at him… I kept my mouth open and tongue out as he fucked my throat.

The look on his face brought on an orgasm and then my stupid brain and mouth were once again in battle – the later having opened up and spoke the words my brain has always detested most in the world ‘cum in my mouth and make me your slut’ (something like that I wasn’t taking notes but I said the S word).

He grabbed a handful of hair on the side of my head, twisting me sideways enough so he could see me and shoved his cock past my lips and said something along the lines of making me his cum slut but by then I was pretty much in the midst of another orgasm and closing my mouth tightly around his cock. I let my lips create a tight seal around his shaft and with the tongue the gods have blessed me with I ran it over the head of his cock in my closed mouth.

I am no stranger to cock, I put one hand around it and with my mouth still tightly wrapped around him I milked him for all he was worth. Now here is the point of no return, my mouth is full of thick hard glorious cock, my cheeks are filled with cum and there was a moment of hesitation as its warmth registered in my brain. I felt the first twitch of my gag reflex kick in and knew I had to either spit or swallow NOW!

I did what any good catholic girl was told to do with the body of Christ; just close your mouth and swallow hard. I pushed the head of his cock well passed my back teeth and swallowed but stayed perfectly still for a second. I pulled lightly on his cock to make sure I got it all and swallowed again before opening my mouth wide and letting him out of my mouth but firmly holding him still in my hand.

He was still hard in my hand, standing above me as the last spasm left my pussy and feeling rather proud of myself I just looked up at him without the need to say a fucking word. I opened my mouth wide and took him in  one more time and he let a wonderful grunt, I wasn’t so much sucking on him as I was just enjoy the feeling of him still hard but back in my mouth. “I have no idea how to manage to bring me to the edge and then back again” he said and I think a rather good testimonial!

Sometime later kissing lead to more sex and I gave in to my greedy need and asked to have him cum inside my pussy –  and he obliged – me on my belly and him behind me all felt right in my world again; his arm around my neck holding on to me tightly in a choke hold and his weight holding me down.

So this will mark several firsts for me and I get to cross something off my bucket list:

*first time using the word slut in regards to myself

*first time swallowing his cum but only my second time ever taking a shot in the mouth

*first time being tied up and blindfolded

Not bad for a birthday present if I do say so myself. Would I do it again? I know for a fact lightening does strike twice, I am living proof of that.

12 comments on “Why would a nice guy like you want to kill a genius? Feeling pretty good, huh? Why?

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    Well, well… amazing what a remote-controlled vibrator can do, huh? I’m now wondering what two of them would have made you do… and you can guess where the other one would have been, can’t you?

    Things that make you go, “Hmm…” Gee, I am learning so much about you, dear Trips on Rocks!

    • Pyx says:

      I do not think it was the remote toy that did it – it was fun but the card and other aspects were thought of before he gave me the task of packing a vibe.

      Two of them? Umm I would have melted into a puddle of public humiliation and have to be carried out of the pub! There are some lovely wireless remotes with a ‘hook’ that slips into the back …

      Well I am learning a lot myself, which is kind of nice, I mean I still have a whole life of sex and love ahead of me but the people you meet along the way are certainly inspiring. I would not have gone this far with anyone else.

      And I didn’t trip once this whole night… pretty cool eh?

    • Pyx says:

      Extremely cool! If I may ask, how did you feel after getting ‘shot in the mouth’ for only the second time?

      Well like I said, I was being very mechanical about it at first – it was something I certainly wanted to do for the both of us – but once all was said and done… I was pretty fucking proud of myself. I might have said ‘I swallowed!’ a few times out loud that night! For me, it was a big deal, I was feeling relieved that the worst didn’t happen – I didn’t throw up and it didn’t come flying out of my nose. I did feel like I had accomplished something I wanted, with someone I wanted to do it with and I still feel it is something intimate for me – I am not going to be swallowing every load- and for me there was the ‘that was dirty’ appeal which is a turn on… I trust PC very much, my germ-phobia was soothed long before that but I am not confident enough to say I could do it again.

      • kdaddy23 says:

        I’m proud of you, too, and I do thank you for being gracious enough to answer a question most women find to be a bit too personal… and being a mysophobe just makes what you did a whole lot interesting (at least to me, anyway).

        Does the germ-thing make you less confident… or is it something else?

      • Pyx says:

        The germ thing is number one issue – I mean I am very extra careful about not contracting anything and to date have not so I would like to keep that record as is.

        My other issue with cum in my mouth is texture: there are certain foods I can not tolerate and no two loads are created equal.

        The sudden onslaught of warm goo is a bit of a surprise to an easy gag reflex (I am one of those girls that can not even hold a pencil between her teeth without gagging) and then I would have to say taste: some guys, even while giving them oral have not tasted good….

        I think PC was patient enough to let me move his cock in my mouth, he was not vigorously fucking my face, so given I know where my gag reflex is – I was able to push past it and let things land in what I thought would be a safe place LOL

        So with all of that said – I don’t know if conditioning helps with getting used to texture and heat but certainly guys can do things to make it taste better so that’s good….

        I think too some of my ‘okay do it now’ might have been mood? Not sure, now you are making me think about it enough that I might try it again to see LOL

        I enjoy that I am interesting to you because it does lead to some good conversation between the two of us

      • kdaddy23 says:

        Yep, that whole “acquired taste” thing can be a real bitch because so many things can affect taste and consistency.

        And maybe you should try it again with someone you trust to be safe in that regard? It could be quite the interesting experiment for ya. See, you interest me because you’re hard-core and kinda scary… but a bit of a wuss with a creamy center all at the same time. So regimented at times and still able to be amazed or even baffled when things happen outside of what you expect.

        So when I read that a mysophobe let a guy shoot a huge load in a virtually untried mouth – and one with a hair-trigger gag reflex, yeah, I find that horribly interesting, given what I’m learning about you via your blogs. I actually said to my monitor, “She let PC do what? What? She WANTED him to do it?”

        I had to look to see if I was really reading your blog (since I can’t get you to show me your ID)… and I laughed, and smiled, and cheered for you and PC because all of it very Pyx-like… and not even Pyx-like.

        And just so you know, I would have waited until you had a mouth full of something at dinner then cranked that puppy up to full blast on ya… just to see the look on your face…

  2. 'Tis says:

    Pyx, that was so fucking delicious you have my pussy weeping and throbbing and jealous on so many levels. Fuck me, 8 more hours until I get off work and go home and beg B to take his pussy and do with it as he pleases.

    It’s going to be a long day!

    I’m so glad you were able to cross some items off your bucket list.

    • Pyx says:

      OMG I couldn’t read some of these blogs at work – I feel your pain! But then again there is something nice about starting the weeping before one gets home…and then I read you still had to wait! Oh what pleasurable cruelty.

      I am pretty proud of myself, I mean I had plenty reason to be smiling for the next few days but that was really the top reason.. yay me, pat myself on the back.

      My birthday is coming up in February so I am going to have to plan something equally as good and to cross of my bucket list!

      • 'Tis says:

        Huge pat on back. But to the point of hurting you. lol

        Now I can’t wait to read about the birthday bucket list item. I know it will be memorable whatever you decide to do, 😉

        Yes, B got me goooood. I can’t complain though, it was sweet torture and I have a tendency to get myself all worked or as you say weeping before hand. There is something about the long drawn out anticipation that sets me on fire. 🙂

  3. The Hook says:

    “He doesn’t exactly pack a small load and he could blow a hole out the back of my head… please god, if there is a god, do not let me throw up my Mongolian noodles or worse have spunk come out of my nose.”
    You have a gift, Pyx.
    Well done.

    • Pyx says:

      I was honestly terrified – we girls do hate to let you guys down.
      Thank you, I think I managed rather well considering I am a newbie though I doubt I will become a pro there are just some things I can admit I am not good at and this is one.

      Best of the holiday season to you and yours – the falls are so lovely in the winter!

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