Strategic sex


Actually everything becomes strategic with a teenager in the house.  I am very much loving the company but my usual routine is on hold – life and reality are well worth the wait but that also means sex.  Not that D has even tried having sex with me since my niece’s arrival but I am not entirely sure he will either – normally we do not have kids in the house- so I am fully prepared of three weeks without.

I can understand how parents might find it difficult to grab a moment when they can but that is balanced with it being all the more important to do so; having to make the time, plan the time, because it does matter.

We managed to clear the chateau of most sexual evidence: sex machines are tucked away in closets, under bed restraints are removed, all adult picture folders are on the external hard drive but the one thing I did not remove were the wall hardware in my old playroom. It is kind of funny though, they work great for hanging things on!

It was not that long ago subtlety was required but around here there has been no need to hide everything – I of course accidentally left my messenger on and the first message to pop through read: you owe me a blowjob.

Mind you as I walked my niece through the house to show her were everything is – the medicine cabinet proved poignant as she casually stated: There is Vaseline, everything will be fine!  Sometimes they do not even know why they are funny, teenagers… this is going to be a great couple of weeks.

7 comments on “Strategic sex

  1. 'Tis says:

    HaHa – You owe me a blow job.

    What I find so great about you Pyx is that although you are not so in your face with your sexual exploitation’s when it comes to your nieces i can guess that if it were to come up in conversation with them, you would not hold back and would be as honest as you could be for the age range of said nieces.

    We are the same with our kids and I find no reason to hold back, if they have questions or curiosities I’d rather them get the correct information from me than from some pimply misinformed juvenile from school. It would probably shock most people how many times coitus comes up at the dinner table in my house, but then again we have children of both sexes and one who is homosexual so we have a little more ground to cover than most parents.

    I know I just went off topic a little bit, but you always make me think and I appreciate that about you.

    BTW, I had B pose nude for me. I have an idea of doing a nude watercolor of him. I think i’m getting way in over my head with that one, but I might play with it a little bit over the holiday break. See where it takes me. lol

    • Pyx says:

      I was a sex-ed counselor, my nieces and friends are well taken care of – often with too much information – of course everything being age appropriate though I am a firm believer in that I can only do so much the rest they learn from their peers and by doing.

      Sex does come up often doesn’t it?! I mean it is on TV in the movie we watch together and in the news… how can it not! My niece dated a girl for a while and I thought it was great in that it was not an issue with us: it was as though she brought home a boy.

      B posed nude for you? And not in a sarcastic way? (teasing) I am not sure I have enough courage to even ask such a thing of D… I am leaning towards trying water colour. I have not tried it since I was a teen and it went horribly wrong but I am fascinated to see you use a human body (and I am sure a handsome one at that) and yes do play with it (body) because you never know what will happen on a blank canvas.

      • 'Tis says:

        Thankfully B and I come from pretty progressive families and although there are a few “holier than though’s” mixed in, we just don’t pay them much attention. It’s to bad more people don’t pay less attention to things that don’t matter or concern them. (ie. ones sexuality)

        Anyway, yes he posed nude for me.:D I’m not super thrilled with the shots I got so I may have to do some retakes. Then again I may just try and work with them and see if I can even pull it off. This is where my fickle yet perfectionist personalty takes over. lol

  2. kdaddy23 says:

    The best birth control in the world isn’t a pill or a shot – it’s children! You try not to expose them to anything sexual before they’re grown enough to understand the whole birds and bees thing but, at the same time, they will take your sex life from a 10 to a 2 in a hurry.

    You find that you have to get into the habit of locking your bedroom door at night; you think they’re sleeping so you can get you some… and the next thing you know, you have a visitor or two ’cause they just walk right in. Or, if they’re older, you discover that they’re sitting outside of your bedroom door and eavesdropping when you think it’s safe to get laid.

    Man, was I glad when my kids finally left home…

    • Pyx says:

      Yes the best birth control is children however I do enjoy the ones I get to send back to their parents! I think if the urge strikes and can not be ignored I would manage somehow because after all even a quickie is doable… but I will have to do the whole being silent thing which is always a challenge.

      Yeah, I bet there is some rather great freedom after raising kids.

      • kdaddy23 says:

        Yep, you learn to not only master quickies but you learn to love them when you have kids around… and when they’re gone, the freedom is amazing! Great time to rechristen every room in the crib… several times… in the same day.

        And, you betcha, you learn how to get you some and be very, very quiet…

  3. The Hook says:

    Have fun waiting out the holidays, Pyx!

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